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Hurrah for the Hurricanes!

I would now like to take this opportunity to gloat, and I invite all Wellingtonians on my friends list (of which I think there is a grand total of one) to join with me and rejoice and celebrate. All the Aucklanders on my friends list (again, I think there is a grand total of one) may now look sorrowful, wail, gnash their teeth, and generally throw a wobbly.

Because yes, that's right, WELLINGTON BEAT AUCKLAND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE SUPER 12, AND WE DID IT IN AUCKLAND! 22-10. And we are now INTO THE SEMI-FINALS. Ooooh, it feels so good. Especially because I picked Wellington to win 1-12 on Virtual Super 12. *leads lonely Wellington supporters - and the rest of you lot, come on! - in a chant of "Hurricanes! Hurricanes!"*

You know, I've been feeling homesick a lot lately, more than I ever have since I've been in Australia. I guess it probably has something to do with not being back to NZ in over two years. I miss Raumati Beach. And what am I doing? I'm flying to the US in less than two weeks! That's such a long way from little Raumati. For those unfamiliar with New Zealand's geography, Raumati Beach is a seaside town (normal sized to me; 4000 may not quite be normal sized to you!) about an hour north of Wellington. I happened to read recently that New Zealand is actually the most isolated country on earth. So, great, just as I start to feel really homesick for small Raumati in isolated New Zealand, I'm hopping on a plane to the US.

Ah well, I'm going to have fun anyway.
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