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Lesson in life, folks: if you have a collection of live concert recordings, keep them in order and keep your trading site updated. It will save you a tedious afternoon/evening. However, if you must resort to such a tedious afternoon/evening, do your life a favour and watch your posture so that you don't end up with a sore back like I have. Though organising everything was worth it.

It wasn't my night, though. I was going to take a photo of my collection, all neatly organised in its drawer and four CD carry cases. I spread them on a well-lit part of the floor, got out the digital camera, turned it on ... and found the battery was flat. Then I learnt there were no spare batteries in the house. Then I learnt I was the only person who even recalled a battery charger coming with the camera and got frustrated about having to "remember every minute detail of what happens around here because no-one else does". Then I pillaged various objects for their batteries and not only did none of them provide enough charge, I actually managed to break my torch as I put its batteries back in. No idea how I did that.

So the end result is that I had to take crappy photos with my webcam to show you my collection.

On the left (in the second and third photos) is the row of DVDs, with a few CDs of other bands down the far end. On the right is the row of CDs. Then there's four carry cases full of more CDs. I'm kind of afraid of the grand total of discs. And yes, I think that is my arm in the upper right of the second picture.

And am I pretty sure my whole collection is now listed on my website! A link to my incredibly inspiring, intricate, colourful, well-designed, fascinating, pleasing-to-the-eye trading website! Because, you know, only the worst best trading website for Axver.

Messages to people!
- themegs: I owe you 4DVDs and 4CDs. Choose whatever you like!
- carobanano: I promised you some stuff too. You can pick 2DVDs, or 6CDs, or 1DVD and 3CDs.
- screendoor3: Remind me of what you wanted me to copy for you.
- I hope I haven't forgotten anything, for my wallet's sake. Bought a spindle of 50CDs yesterday and I'll probably have to buy another one next week after a number of trades are out of the way.

OK, I think that's all for today. Yay U2 concert recordings!

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