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U2 coming to Australia?

U2 in Australia?


I thought that was just a piece of wishful thinking. Well ... it might not be. I'm trying not get my hopes up, but this may just prove to be true. The music site Access All Areas has published an itinerary which reads:

Brisbane - Entertainment Centre
Monday 2 January 2006
Tuesday 3 January 2006

Melbourne - Rod Laver Arena
Friday 6 January 2006
Saturday 7 January 2006
Monday 9 January 2006
Tuesday 10 January 2006

Sydney - Superdome
Friday 13 January 2006
Saturday 14 January 2006
Monday 17 January 2006
Tuesday 18 January 2006

It's worth noting that 17 January (my 19th) is a Tuesday and the 18th is a Wednesday, but even if the days are right and dates wrong, I still get a birthday show! The closest a full tour concert has come to my birthday before is 10 January 1990 in Rotterdam on the 'approach' side, and 23 January in Belfast 1981 and Drammen 1985 on the 'departure' side. state in this report on the schedule that a U2 spokesperson told [who I take it collaborate with] no dates have yet been confirmed - but we've heard that before, only to see the rumoured dates come true. While we shouldn't get our hopes up, I think this is worth taking seriously. Everything has begun pointing towards U2 coming here for January, or February at the latest.

In this case, I think I'm in for a lot more U2 shows. Ah, the joys of living near Brisbane, knowing people in Melbourne, and being able to get a couple of birthday shows out of the family!

I cannot wait for confirmation. CANNOT WAIT.

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