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Public service announcement: screendoor3 has a ticket to the 26 May U2 concert in Boston to sell. Section 314 somewhere. Go forth and talk to him if you would like to purchase it!

Otherwise ... nothing much to say, I guess, just the same as all the rest, when you're trying not to admit you're quoting from a horrid song about Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World.

I've been looking on UQ's website over the last couple of days, trying to decide what I'd like to major in, and I must say I'm just as uncertain as when I began, if not moreso. I plan on pursuing an academic career and I was thinking I'd major in History. So I went there to look up the History major, as I've no idea what part of history I'd want to study, and also the stuff I'd have to do after the undergrad degree, when my eye spotted the International Relations and Political Science majors.

Guess who's now wonderfully unsure about what he wants to do.

Though the more I've thought about it, I think I might do a dual major in History and International Relations, but that just brings back the original confusion about what exactly to study for the History major. History's a rather broad topic, you know.

Well, at least I've got time up my sleeve to think and pray about all of this.

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