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The to-maybe-do list.

Setting unrealistic goals is always an interesting adventure in discovering what I'd do if I were motivated enough. By the time I travel to the US - in other words, by the evening of 19 May - I intend to do the following:

- Clear the disastrous mess that is my inbox - read, and if a response is warranted, reply to the over 2000 LJ comments in there. I fear 2000 is a very conservative estimate. As those of you who use Gmail would know, it groups together comments in threads and I have 592 unread threads at the time of this post. And many have more than 4 comments ... this task could take some time.
- Burn all of my bootlegs to CD/DVD. Whether that's accomplished or not depends upon CD availability. I have STACKS of bootlegs on this computer.
- Clean my room. Somehow I fear this is even more impossible than it looks, which is kind of disturbing. I just have nowhere to store this stuff. Would someone like to send me a new bookshelf and invent a place for it to conveniently fit?
- Enquire about rental housing in Brisbane next year, so that I'm ready ahead of time. I dread waiting lists. I hope I've nothing to worry about and am just being ridiculously well organised ahead of time.

Does anyone actually believe I'll accomplish even half of that?

Most likely, I'll make a weak attempt to empty the inbox, shove junk to less visible spots to make my mother happy, burn a few bootlegs, and maybe phone a real estate agent in Brisbane. Ah, that sounds a lot easier to accomplish. Set your sights low and you shall achieve! Have a good and successful one!
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