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So, to address the major world event of the day, there is a new pope. Honestly, I'm surprised by how quick it was - when I went to bed, the news was saying how it could be 3-5 days before we know the outcome, and then 3 hours later, the white smoke appeared. And unlike many I've seen today, I'm going to refrain from comment on Cardinal Ratzinger - which is what I shall continue to call him for now, as I am currently still very much used to 'the Pope' referring to John Paul II - until he's actually been in the position for a while and had time to prove himself. Sure, I was hoping for an African, but never seriously expecting one.

Now, I'm not a Catholic, though I consider myself to be on the Catholic side of Protestantism, even if I do not think I would ever convert (I think I shall rather explore Anglicanism), but two things have offended me lately.

1. The comments on the appearance of Cardinal Ratzinger. I've seen all kinds of snide, rude, and insulting remarks about him based not on his theology or actions or personality but simply on how he looks. Besides the fact that that's really, really shallow, it's simply unnecessary. How he looks should not and does not matter a jot. Go find something better to do than say "he looks creepy". Oh, and in addition to this, I've also seen a little bit of joking about his name. Not funny either. Such comments would never be tolerated about friends or family, and yet they are not just ignored but often greeted with amusement when about world figures.
2. In some news articles, some brief statements were made about betting odds on who would become the next Pope. Am I the only person who thinks it was absolutely ridiculous to place bets on who would succeed John Paul II as Pope? I most certainly don't believe anyone should be winning or losing money over a matter of such religious importance. You just don't do that. But it seems people will bet on just about anything.

I'm done. Have a good one, folks.
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