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Return from the dead.

So. Hi. I'm alive. I just lead a pathetically boring life and thus Axver, the guy with too many opinions, ran out of things to say and stopped seeing the worth in pointless posts.

Yesterday really sucked, but don't ask because besides the fact I wouldn't tell you anyway, everything's now better than alright and I'm rather happy with life.

Highlight to read: U2 performed Bad for the first time this tour today. HOORAY! It'll be interesting to see whether it lasts, or if it will be a once-off like WOWY or ISHFWILF. I'm wondering when those two will come back, actually. Should come back in Chicago, if not earlier.

So yes, to clarify, I am not dead, and I'm sure aaron_3521 would pass on the news if I were. Or if I am dead, not only is Aaron really slack and behind the times, but I am also the most talented dead man in history because I am able to post on LJ from beyond the grave. Yeah, that's it. I've now come to haunt your journals and the Internet in general. Live in fear. Or die and join my army, if that suits you better.

Maybe I'll find something to rant about tomorrow. I'm sure there's some religious nutcase out there to inspire me.

--- 7:19pm ---

dysprosium showed off her rugby-heathen-tastic taste in clothing by having the audacity to claim that the South African jersey is the best in the world (GASP! the HORROR!), so to counter this heresy, I chose to show her - and now you - the light by photographing the best shirt in the world, the All Blacks' uniform!

And because it's just so cool, here's another angle for you to savour! Feel the holiness.

And for all challengers, the following are the only other shirts that could ever try to claim the title of 'best ever': New Zealand Black Caps, Pi, HTDAAB album cover, and "all warfare is based upon deception" Edge hand print.

The ultimate arbiter of everything hath spake.
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