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Entry of random nothingness.

Today, I achieved something that I have been expecting to happen for a long time now. I'm one of these people who always manages to spray stuff (air freshener, glasses cleaner, fly spray, you name it) in a different direction to the one I intend, though I'm usually only slightly off. Today, however, after heeding the call of nature, I grabbed the air freshener, took off the lid, and without looking at what I was doing, depressed it and sprayed the bloody stuff all over my face. I now smell like oranges. If you came and sniffed me, you'd think you were about to have some freshly squeezed orange juice poured up your nose.

Also, remember when I made an entry where I said I should burn my tongue more often because it's a good excuse to get ice cream? Have a guess what I managed to do tonight when checking the food I was cooking to make sure it was cooked enough. I discovered it was cooked very quickly. I now hope we have ice cream in the house.

Yes, those were my two grand achievements for today. My life is just a great big mountain of nothingness right now. I've spent the last few hours on Interference sending threads grossly off topic. I'm starting to think I need to set myself goals and assignments that could be translated into LJ entries, and set deadlines. Might kick my lazy self into gear. I'm open to good ideas, though firstly, I need to get around to completing the search to answer thirty trivia questions left for me in late March.

Have a good one, folks. Recommend good and informative political, historical, or theological sites to me if you know of any. I think I shall now go read more of Mere Christianity and then see if I can make a dent in the huge pile of books I have to read.

(I think it's sad that as wasteful as this entry is, it in no way can claim the title of most pointless recent post. What a commentary on my life of late.)

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