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Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic

It took me 58 attempts to get online this morning. FIFTY-EIGHT. I thought 31, 41, and 52 were bad, but FIFTY-EIGHT? Good freaking Zooropa, this is embarrassing for my ISP, and I'm going to complain. Yesterday when I got disconnected, I tried to reconnect, but, after the 55th attempt, I simply gave up. My ISP needs to get their act together or I'll take my business elsewhere. I'm sick of wasting 20-30 minutes waiting to get online. It's bad enough on weekends and days I'm ill, when I have time to waste, but on school nights when time is limited, it truly pisses me off.

In other news, I'm still ill. In some regards I'm better than I was yesterday, some worse. I have flem caught down in my throat, and I simply can't bring it up. Not fun. My voice is croaky - I can actually talk semi-decently at the moment, but earlier this morning I couldn't - and I just feel awful. I don't want to miss school tomorrow, either ...

I got some of my Drama assignment done! Yay, I stopped procrastinating. Boring stupid bloody assignment. I hate one part of it, where I have to interpret parts of the play. I'm no good at interpreting plays. Song lyrics, sometimes, but plays? No. I mean, I never would've guessed a Hawaiian shirt and bare feet was symbolic for not knowing about an illness. Is it just me, or is most symbolism bloody stupid and unobvious?

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