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Yes, it's true. It's TRUE. Today, U2 played THE OCEAN. THE FECKING OCEAN. For the first time since 15 December NINETEEN EIGHTY-TWO. I'm not kidding! Otherwise, tonight's setlist wasn't really all that different to the previous one, excepting the return of City Of Blinding Lights to the opening position (hurrah!) and the inclusion of Unchained Melody after One. It seems U2 are getting comfortable with one particular setlist, but also rotating in other songs they want to play later, just to give them a live airing and see how they go. There are a couple of quotes now that mention U2 will be entering into more variation as the tour progresses, so let's hope my theory that they are getting comfortable in the live setting before they introduce major variation by late April or the Chicago gigs in May proves true!

I was thinking about yesterday's entry, and when I stated that one should present one's beliefs and explain the reasons for holding them at an appropriate time to people who are willing to listen, I got the idea into my head that I should maybe write entries on what I believe in my journal - and I don't just mean on religion, but on a variety of topics. After all, I believe this is an appropriate place to do so, and only the willing are going to read.

However, that got me to a spot where I've been for a few months. I've been wanting to explore what's out there and make sure, once and for all, that what I believe is absolute truth. I've been meaning to work from the ground up, building up a system that I can say is truth, creating logical extensions and the like. Basically, totally reconstruct my belief system. However, that's rather difficult, especially as there are so many religions and theories in the world, and I simply don't know if I have the time or resources to pursue such a study. Also, I would be going into it with biases no matter how hard I try to remove them, and I know that at times, I will be merely trying to prove my beliefs rather than prove truth.

That's when I got it into my head that I should actually take my beliefs and attempt to prove them. This, at first, seemed to be a cop-out to me: I'm just trying to make myself right. I'm not trying to find truth, but trying to prove what I believe is truth, whether or not it actually is. You see people do that a lot, people who want to keep their beliefs in spite of the realities and facts - for example, the types who just won't believe their idol can do anything wrong even when that idol is sitting in a prison cell - and they'll go to any lengths to keep those beliefs true in their mind. I thought more about what I would be doing, though, and I realised it wouldn't be that at all. What I would be doing is heading into a study of my own beliefs, looking to analyse them for truthfulness and accuracy. If, then, I reach the analysis that a particular belief is not true, then I can begin the search for what is true. Let's say my beliefs, at this moment in time, are 95% correct. What is the use of rebuilding the entire belief structure when 95% of it is perfectly fine and not in need of reconstruction? Why not try to find the 5% that is faulty and correct that?

So if, indeed, I choose to begin this quest to examine and explain my beliefs - and though I'd start at religion, I certainly would not end there - I think the first task is to discern what beliefs are true and what are not, rather than just starting outright reconstruction. I think it sounds like a good idea, but if anyone else has any better ideas, I'm most certainly eager to hear them.

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