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Ah, media circuses. Yes, I am becoming yet another blogger who is going to make a post mentioning Terri Schiavo and the Pope. It was my personal rebellion against this complete death circus to not make a noise, but let's be serious people, it's gotten completely out of hand. The media seems to be thriving on sensationalised death - the Schiavo legal battle, the Pope's final days, Iraqis and soldiers in Iraq, et cetera. What bothers me the most is the absolute hate, the raw and vehement hatred that has been expressed in the last few days. I have seen some of the most disgusting things said about the Pope, and those on both sides of the Schiavo fiasco are guilty of slinging despicable insults. Now, if you've got an opinion on someone, go ahead and express it if the context is relevant, and if you disagree with the Pope's theology or want to criticise actions relating to the Schiavo case, do so by all means, but there is absolutely no excuse for the sheer hatred I have witnessed. Have some respect - not just for the dying, not just for those you disagree with, but for yourself. Have enough respect for yourself to avoid looking like some fool riddled by hate. Have enough respect for yourself to avoid looking like you have nothing better to do with your life than spew forth verbal venom on online forums or national media or anywhere else.

For goodness' sake.

(And for the record, I've lacked diligence with reading my friends page lately, so if you've made some particularly harsh post on either of these issues, never fear, I'm not targeting you.)

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