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Further Easter reflections.

I guess it was only appropriate today was a bad day. After all, approximately two thousand years ago, the disciples and other believers were having a day arguably worse than Good Friday. They woke to discover that it all was not a dream - Jesus Christ, the man they believed was the Messiah, had indeed bled to a shameful death and now lay deceased in a tomb. When we look back on the crucifixion of Christ, we look back with the eyes of people who are acutely aware of the events of Easter Sunday; the disciples, however, did not have the benefit of such knowledge and Easter Saturday must have been nothing short of a great big mountain of despair.

Yahweh, tell me now, why the dark before the dawn?

That's a question Bono posed that I honestly cannot answer now. I don't know if it can be answered. I feel answers about making the light shine brighter are little more than a cop-out. And what came before the glorious dawn of Christ's resurrection must have been the bleakest, blackest dark ever. You try to put yourself in the shoes of the disciples and try as you might, I don't think you could ever possibly feel the utter despondency they felt. The important message of today, however, is that if there can be a dawn - and an incredible one at that - after the complete dark of the crucifixion, there is dawn after any dark. There is always a reason to hope and persevere through the dark, rather than driving oneself into the ground and the bleakness of the permanent underground night like some do. Even when you don't feel the hope yourself, it is there and the dawn inevitably comes. Christianity is truly inspiring in that sense - it aptly demonstrates that no matter what the crisis, there remains reason to hope. I've experienced this in my own life; I feel like I am living in the breaking dawn now. There's still darkness, there's still uncertainty, but the day is breaking. I feel a reason to hope. I feel there is reason to hope in any situation. And I hope you do too.
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