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You expected a quality subject line?

OK, so I still feel like crap. My nose is running, I have a temperature (well, right now, I'm bloody freezing), I've been coughing something fierce at times, and I've been bringing up flem occasionally. Urgh, not fun.

Now I really should get to work on that Drama assignment. It's due in what? four days after all. Bad Andre. Bad, bad Andre. I'll do some work tonight, I think. I'm going to bed early ... so that'll mean I'll have to get off even earlier ... hmm, no I'll do some tomorrow morning actually, seeing I'm not going to school tomorrow either. Yes, that sounds like a better idea. Maybe I'll do a little bit tonight anyway.

My Dad didn't call me last night (have I already mentioned that? Yes, think I did), and he didn't call me tonight, either. BUT he sent me an e-mail, saying the phone was engaged when he tried to ring earlier on. I don't think it was, so I see this as rather strange. But he says he'll phone me tomorrow night, so that's good. At least I've heard from him. I usually speak to him once a week, but over the last 2 months I've talked to him four times at best. He didn't phone me for three and a half weeks about a month ago, apparently because he was busy, and he only got around to phoning me because I e-mailed him. I just can't accept that explanation. I'm his only freaking son, damnit! You'd think he'd at least make the time to call me for a couple of minutes. Surely. I feel so rejected by my own father. I just can't imagine him being so busy he couldn't spare the time to make a 2-minute phone call or fire off a short e-mail. No-one can be THAT busy, can they? He slept during those 3 1/2 weeks, didn't he? Couldn't he simply miss 2 freaking minutes of sleep to type out an e-mail to me saying "Sorry I haven't called. I'm very busy. Will phone when I can"? That took me all of 10 seconds to type. Couldn't he spare that?

Anyhow. I don't have much else to say. After talking to Patrick, deadlydenial, I am going to try and listen to some more music. I actually listened to my Jimmy Eat World CD last night. *gasps all round* Heh, I need to broaden the music I listen to. I used to listen to quite a lot of stuff. Geez, I criticise people for living in Christian bubbles, but I've basically assembled a U2 bubble of my own. Anyhow, I really like the style of music U2 does, so if anyone has any suggestions of similar bands I might like, please do suggest them.

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