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In exactly two months, I will be attending my first U2 concert. To say that I am excited is an understatement. And in even less than two months, I will be arriving in the US at purplicious's place. Have a quick guess which excites me more.

I've been generorking about setlists all afternoon. Do you realise there's only four days until the first date of the tour? Two until the public rehearsal? U2 are near-certain to rehearse tomorrow too so hopefully we will receive news from that. My hyper setlist side is really starting to build to fever pitch. Ask me anything you want to know about U2 setlists. I'm taking any and all questions.

I burnt my tongue eating dinner last night and it's still bothering me. Now, I've burnt my tongue before, but not quite as badly as this. So, of course, I am using it as the perfect excuse to consume a lot of ice cream. I should burn my tongue more often.

I need something to do to exercise my brain. I feel like I am becoming stagnant and forgetful at the moment, but I just don't know where to begin. Give me something to research and learn about, whether it's theology or political theory or history or linguistics or any other topic under the sun. Seriously. I'll take anything. Broaden my horizons and encourage my intellect. This is a serious request to which I expect replies to stimulate my brain and get me learning again. I don't like this intellectually stagnant feeling. This year is meant to be a year for accruing knowledge and fostering my imagination. The former hasn't happened and the latter is only just beginning to occur.

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