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Well, life's quite the rollercoaster, isn't it?

Today's been marvellous, really. I've had a great time. But tonight hasn't been anywhere near as spectacular. I haven't said anything, but my Dad e-mailed me last week or so and I'd just put off a response because I found his e-mail a little offensive and lacking in understanding, and I just didn't - still don't - feel like dealing with him. I didn't really run from the problem, as I didn't realise how many days had passed. I still feel like the e-mail only came yesterday, and I have a habit of waiting a day to reply to e-mails. But what did arrive yesterday was another e-mail from Dad, asking if we're still talking. So I just knocked up a reply, and I feel sick. Communicating with my father shouldn't do this to me. I'm glad purplicious woke up at just the perfect time to come and help me. Here's the general gist of what's gone on with my father:

- After communicating with my Dad at work on a Monday, he went home and read the e-mail I sent to his home address.
- He took over three weeks to reply to me, claiming he had been on holiday and away from the Internet. Yet I know for a fact he read the e-mail before he left, and I highly doubt he could get three weeks off work!
- He replied to tell me that you can't discuss things via e-mail, you have to pick up the phone. Nice one, Dad, as I devoted a whole paragraph to explaining why I was e-mailing rather than phoning.
- He also commented that while I have the intellect of a genius, my social skills are sorely lacking - because I'm not dealing with this via phone.

So now I've e-mailed him to explain again why I wish to communicate via e-mail. I just don't want to talk to him on the phone. It's messy, it's argumentative, you can't stop to reflect on statements and think through your replies ... it just doesn't work. And I hope he can respect that.

Also, Zoochtung worshippers are pissing me off majorly. I don't mean people whose favourite U2 album is Achtung Baby or whose favourite tour is ZooTV, I mean the types who think the Zoochtung era was perfect. When was the last time four imperfect humans made a perfect creation? Oh, that's right, never. These people need to come back to reality.
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