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Part of the Commonwealth now?

So. The travel agent conveniently entered in details wrong and unless we correct plans, which I don't intend to do, I'm not departing the US on 1 July to land in Australia on 3 July, I'm actually departing the US on 3 July and landing in Australia on 5 July. Instead of not having 2 July this year, I'm not having 4 July. So just what does this mean? Well, if there's no 4 July, then there's no American independence to celebrate. If there's no American independence to celebrate, the USA is still part of the British Commonwealth. Thus, all my American readers would be well advised to spell properly, drive on the left, and learn the words to God Save The Queen unless you want some SAS troopers to come knocking on your door to dispense some good old fashioned Commonwealth education and justice. Also, feel free to now consider George Bush to be nothing but a figment of history's bizarre fantasies.

That was today's public service announcement.

I'd also like to say that Heartland, Luminous Times, and Spanish Eyes are little-acknowledged gods amongst mere mortal songs. There's a Heartland appreciation thread over on Interference that's more than 200 posts long and myself and one other poster can together claim the vast majority of the obsessive Heartland comments that fill the thread. My ability to obsess over songs appears to know no bounds. I'm proud of it.

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