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Today's update.

As a record of each day of my life, I would like it to be noted that today officially sucked. No, I do not care to elaborate on that. I am sure the various Axver haters who read my journal for whatever odd reason will take pleasure in that news.

I know I've been really slack on replying to both comments and e-mails lately (quiet, cat_incarnate), and the inundation in my inbox isn't helping matters. I promise I'll get around to replies eventually, but if you have some important post you aren't sure I read or would like my comment on, or would like me to reply to a particular e-mail or LJ comment, just point me towards it and I'll give it my attention first (and again, quiet, cat_incarnate, you'll get that e-mail ... one of these days, at some point in time, eventually).

U2 tour rehearsals are proving to be fascinating. This text is written in white so that it blends into the background and those who do not wish to read spoilers can't see it. Highlight it if you wish to read. I really do have to wonder how many reports coming out of various parts of the world are accurate. On the one hand, we have the Mexico rumours that claimed they were rehearsing material such as A Celebration, Lemon, and Fast Cars, some reports from beforehand mentioning Wire and The Unforgettable Fire, and now stories out of Vancouver talking about An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart, The Fly, Running To Stand Still, and 40. Furthermore, Bono has spoken of his desire to play songs like Ultra Violet and Love Is Blindness again, while Dallas (Edge's guitar tech) has soundchecked Zoo Station (and the band MAY have done it in Vancouver), Exit has been rumoured for months, and a Spanish radio station apparently interviewed Paul McGuinness and were told that With Or Without You --> Streets will be a centrepiece of the new set. There's a lot of uncertainty, and it's very hard sometimes to know what reports and rumours should be taken seriously and what should be discarded as fictitious. I'm also very surprised to see no rumours of Electrical Storm at all. Though I must say that if even half of the rumoured songs are played, this tour will have some sensational tours. I can't wait for opening night - 10 days away!

I think that's all from me for today. Have a good one, everybody.
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