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- I love writing, oh yes I do.
- The next time anyone tries to tell you that Rattle And Hum is a poor album, tell them that they have no taste. Any album with Desire, Van Diemen's Land, Hawkmoon 269, When Love Comes To Town, Angel Of Harlem, God Part II, All I Want Is You and the majestic, brilliant, incredible HEARTLAND is not a poor album by any standards. Heartland is absolutely one of the best songs ever made - poetic lyrics, gorgeously beautiful music, and incredibly powerful singing. The final "heeeeeaaaaaaaAAAAAAART!" has to be one of Bono's best vocals EVER.
- And c'mon, Spanish Eyes is easily the best b-side ever made. Well, maybe not 'easily', as Luminous Times, Bass Trap, and Dancing Barefoot are "really, really fucking brilliant" too, but Spanish Eyes is the pick of the bunch. Yes, Heartland and Spanish Eyes are my two new songs to rave about obsessively. Feel informed. Wey-hey-hey!
- Listened to my copy of the Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack that I ordered from Amazon today. Listened today, not ordered today. Sucky unclear sentence, yeah. Anyway. Some real gems on there along with some really poor stuff - thankfully, none of the poor stuff was done by U2. The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Stateless, Falling At Your Feet, that kind of stuff is fantastic. Stuff like the Satellite Of Love covers and the last song are just plain disasters, though.
- I did precious little today. I don't have motivation to do much at all. It's sad.
- The government can go fuck themselves. Really. Just because I'm not permanently blind, the government's now going to force me to get a job or else they won't offer me any support this year, and I come from a poor enough family that I'm NEVER getting up to Brisbane and university next year without said support, but the government's going to assume that I have good enough vision to drive. So I can't get to a job, but if I don't get to one, I don't get any help, and I don't get any help getting there. I'd rather be classified as legally blind than stuck in this grey zone between being able to drive and getting assistance. Why did I have to get stuck with 6/36 rather than 6/60 vision (which I believe constitutes legal blindness here)? Legal blindness has got to suck but at least the legally blind don't get screwed over like those of us with slightly better vision do.
- That was my random whine for the day.
- I've nothing much else to say.
- As usual.
- Have a good one, folks.
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