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Axver's day, the "I'm too lazy to write a proper entry" version:

- Various great happenings.
- Too lazy to reply to LJ comments. Watched as comments continued to build up in the hopelessly inundated inbox. I doubt I'll ever reply to much of this. It's just impossible.
- Discovered accommodation in Boston appears to be a real ripoff. This trip is really going to cost me. And I mean REALLY. Ouch. Glad I saved a lot and that Mum's giving me quite a bit.
- Received shipment from Amazon. Along with a number of U2 singles and the Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack, I ordered the Passengers project. Yes, I'm a terrible U2 fan for not having it, but I've never found it in Australia and on Aussie websites it was a total ripoff so I finally got around to ordering it from Amazon - even with the postage from the US, it was cheaper than buying it from an Australian retailer. I don't understand why this is often insulted by the U2 fanbase. This album is beautiful and stunning, and sounds nothing like anything else U2 has ever done. That distorted guitar that kicks in around the 3:35 mark of United Colours really should have been used for something else on a more mainstream U2 release. Heck, it would have gone great with HMTMKMKM live. But this album's wonderful.
- Watched the news. The world really sucks and ethnic rivalries don't help to improve the place. Especially when riots break out at New South Wales soccer games between Serbian supporters of one team and Croatian supporters of another. Coming next in world soccer ... the Hutu-backed Rwandan United versus the Tutsi-supported Rwanda FC, followed by the Osama Bombers versus the George Bushes. I bet if Osama bin Laden were an Australian, he'd follow Essendon, and instead of launching terrorist attacks on the West, he'd be arrested for physically abusing an AFL umpire.
- U2 were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame today. Let's be proud of the lads. They played Until The End Of The World - woohoo, it looks set to make this tour too! - Pride, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, and Vertigo. Apparently it's "lame" to play new material at an induction. I hate that kind of shitty musical elitism. I like U2's song selection, representing the richness of each decade and showing they are still rocking. But there will always be people who will whine: it's lame to play new material, it's a sign of irrelevancy to play old material, it's a sell-out to play popular numbers. You just can't please some snobby elitists. It's U2's night; they can play whatever they want. I'm a little surprised they didn't do One, I Will Follow, or Beautiful Day, but to play I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For with Bruce Springsteen is just plain awesome.
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