Axver (axver) wrote,

A humorous incident on AIM

Or at least I found it humorous. When I got online, I was invited into a chat. Me being the slow person I can be at times, I noted I was the only person in this chat, but I assumed more were coming. Only later did it dawn on me that I'd probably actually been invited in while I was offline.

Now, for your entertainment, the full transcript of the chat with myself;

"You have just entered room "Chat 378045330503653615."
Amak Axver: Wow ... I get online and I'm instantly in a chat. How quickly things happen around here.
Amak Axver: Anyone here?
Amak Axver: Why am I in a chat with NO-ONE? How can I be invited into a chat with NO-ONE?
Amak Axver: Perplexing.
Amak Axver: Goodbye."

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