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My mind has wandered off and is elsewhere today. Someone should send out a search party to find it. I think it might have found somewhere comfortable to fall asleep.

Mum and I spent some time speaking to the travel agent early this afternoon and we have worked out a proposed itinerary. It's likely that this will be pretty close to what will happen.

(All times are local.)
21 May, 8:55am, depart Coolangatta
21 May, 10:20am, arrive Sydney
21 May, 1:45pm, depart Sydney
21 May, 10:05am, arrive San Francisco
21 May, noon, depart San Francisco
21 May, 6:08pm, arrive Chicago
21 May, 9:05pm, depart Chicago
21 May, 10:35pm, arrive Nashville
(This may be changed to 20 May. I don't check through customs until Chicago, I stay on the same flight as it passes through San Francisco. Or at least in the terminal.)

24 May, 9:54am, depart Nashville
24 May, 11:53am, arrive Atlanta
24 May, 12:35pm, depart Atlanta
24 May, 3:03pm, arrive Boston
29 May, 10:10am, depart Boston
29 May, 12:48pm, arrive Atlanta
29 May, 1:24pm, depart Atlanta
29 May, 1:26pm, arrive Nashville

1 July, 3:20pm, depart Nashville
1 July, 5:04pm, arrive Chicago
1 July, 6:00pm, depart Chicago
1 July, 8:35pm, arrive San Francisco
1 July, 10:30pm, depart San Francisco
3 July, 6:10am, arrive Sydney
3 July, 11:45am, depart Sydney
3 July, 1:05pm, arrive Coolangatta

So this year, there shall be no 2 July for me. Glad nothing of significance happens in my life on 2 July! And if you are reading this and your birthday is on 2 July, either I have 1. forgotten or 2. don't see you as significant.

And yes, long bloody trip, huh?

Totally different topic. I feel like ranking U2's albums. Such rankings have come up in discussion lately. So let's see how they rank for today!

1. The Unforgettable Fire - a cohesive and atmospheric masterpiece.
2. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - how to rejuvenate a soul. Also, how to make a bloody incredible album twenty years after your first masterpiece and give the finger to flash-in-the-pan sensations.
3. The Joshua Tree - musical brilliance of the highest order.
4. Boy - the best debut ever.
Those four are solid and fixed, not going anywhere.
5. Zooropa - visual art as music.
Over the last few days, I've been tempted to move this one down a little lower.
6. October - emotion, passion, and sincerity, and some good music to boot!
7. War - politics, emotion, and a collection of incredible songs.
8. Achtung Baby - the supposed masterpiece, but five masterpiece songs does not make a masterpiece album.
I may move those ones around, swap Zooropa and War or something. It's hard. They're all bloody incredible albums.
9. All That You Can't Leave Behind - the mature perspective.
10. Rattle And Hum - some incredible studio tracks and live cuts, shame about the tracklisting.
11. Pop - so much better live but also a gem in the studio.
Those three swap amongst themselves. They all deserve to be higher and would be masterpieces by almost anyone else. But when it comes to U2, well ...

Rattle And Hum could easily be in my top five if songs such as God Part II and Hawkmoon 269 resembled their live counterparts more and if it had a better tracklisting, such as including some of the other studio songs we know were recorded but didn't make the cut.

Have a good one.
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