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One really has to wonder how I manage to make whole entries about setlists.

Well, the big news for the day is something that has been brewing for the past week and finally came to fruition today. Though I doubt anyone outside the U2 fan world will even care at all.

Those of you familiar with U2 setlist sites will probably know of, and as there is now a new tour, there is also a new site: It is my opinion that this site is the absolute best setlist site on the Internet, surpassing through its searchable database that presents a wonderful array of information available nowhere else. The format is simply marvellous:

All U2 tours overview.
All songs played - alphabetical.
All songs played - order of frequency.
All locations played.

So why am I telling you this? Well, along with a new site, also has a new member of staff - me, bringing the grand total of people working on the site to a monumental two. I first added a couple of setlists (1981-04-09, Minneapolis and 1981-04-10, Ames), and then I set about separating U2 and Van Morrison's Glorias. They were listed together, but now they are listed as U2's Gloria and Van Morrison's Gloria. As we don't know all instances when Van Morrison's Gloria was sung in concert (it appeared at the end of some performances of Surrender on the UF Tour, at the end of Exit on the JT Tour, and during Desire on the Elevation Tour), any contributions to the list would be much appreciated. We want to make the site as complete a resource as possible. I was very excited to add Heartland to the list.

Any contributions you have or corrections to make are more than welcome. I am incredibly excited to be working on this site, as I can finally put my wealth of setlist knowledge to use in a (somewhat) practical application. I'll probably be spending a good bit of the next few days scouring the site, ensuring accuracy and adding setlists and snippets. It shall be very exciting when the new tour rolls around, with the regular posting of new setlists!

Have a good one, everybody.
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