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Oh look, an entry ...

This is the monologue that just occurred in my head:

I'm not going to make an entry today. Hmm ... better make an entry then to say that. I'm making an entry to say that I'm not making an entry? Well, you use LJ to record notable events, and not making my daily entry is a notable event, so I better record it in an entry. So ... I'm going to make an entry about not making an entry. Not only does that not make sense, that's not much of an entry. I guess I need to think of something better to post, as I'm stuck with making an entry.

So. Hello everyone. What do I have to say? I'm trying to convince my mother to buy me chocolate - namely, the delicious chocolate she's hoarding and now that she's tempted me with a couple of delectable pieces, won't let me have. She told me that if I gave her some money, she'd buy me my own block that I could hoard all to myself. I believe the piece of paper I just gave her with 'some money' written on it sufficiently fulfills this request and shall be expecting my chocolate by the end of tomorrow.

I'm not holding my breath.

It's interesting to see what news has come to light in Ukraine after the change of government - apparently the murder of an investigative journalist who was reporting on corruption shall finally be solved. Let's hope this positive step is a sign of things to come in the unveiling and end of old corruption, and the punishment of once-protected criminals.

I officially declare it impossible to rank all of U2's songs. I'm still trying, but I can't do it. I like them too much to put one over the other. And I think it's sad how even in fan circles, there is an elitist attitude that says it's bad to like all of U2's material.

Three non-U2 songs as current music in three days? I don't believe it. I have been listening to plenty of U2, but there are a few other songs in my playlist and I guess that's what has come up when I've made my entries. I promise you, the world is not ending, so have a good one, folks.
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