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Setlist Trivia II answers and some other boring paragraphs.

Had another lazy day today. I doubt that comes as a surprise to anyone at all. I suppose I really should get a job, and the money would be rather nice, but I don't want one and it would be incredibly inconvenient. Some days I really despise my inability to drive. I try not to let my vision get in the way of anything but it can be a real pain in the backside trying to work in the real world as opposed to my comfortable world in my room sometimes.

For now, I bring you answers to setlist trivia. If you haven't given the second round a try, go here and attempt it now before checking the answers!

1. What song from Pop was played more on the Elevation Tour than on Popmart?
Wake Up Dead Man.
2. What is the only U2 instrumental to have been played live?
Things To Make And Do, over forty times. It was played on the Boy Tour and just snuck into the October Tour.
3. Have all b-sides from any era been played live?
Yes, the Boy era. Boy/Girl, Touch, and Things To Make And Do all saw live outings.
4. How many times has In God's Country been played since the end of the Joshua Tree Tour? Extra credit if you can tell me what tours and how many times on each specific tour.
Seven times - four on Lovetown, three on Elevation.
5. Two Hearts Beat As One was played for the last time on 27 December 1989. Tell me one thing significant about this performance.
It was the first time it had been played in four years.
6. When did U2 first cover All Along The Watchtower?
Despite popular belief, it was first covered on 1 February 1981 in London. The band then did not play it again until 11 November 1987, the commonly believed first performance that shows up on Rattle And Hum.
7. What five songs were used to close ZooTV concerts?
Love Is Blindness, Can't Help Falling In Love With You, Are you Lonesome Tonight, With Or Without You, and Desire all closed ZooTV shows. Love Is Blindness was the initial closer, though at some early ZooTV concerts, the band would stop after With Or Without You, and as the tour progressed, Can't Help Falling In Love With You was added after Love Is Blindness. At one show, it was replaced by Are You Lonesome Tonight, and at a public 'rehearsal', Desire closed.
8. What song had the longest break from being used as a closer, and how long was the break? (By break, I mean it was used in, say, March 1983 and then not for another fourteen years until it closed a Popmart gig in August 1997.)
Out Of Control. The break lasted more than nineteen years from 14 March 1982 to 21 July 2001.
9. What four song combination closed many main sets from 1984 to 1989?
Bad/October/New Year's Day/Pride (In The Name Of Love).
10. Only one ZooTV concert did not open with Zoo Station. What concert was this and which song opened?
7 August 1992, a public rehearsal at Hershey, Pennsylvania, opened with Sunday Bloody Sunday.
11. What is the only song from Zooropa to have been played in North America?
Stay (Faraway, So Close!), and only acoustically at that.
12. In which countries has Hawkmoon 269 been played?
Hawkmoon 269 has been played eight times - seven in Australia, once in The Netherlands, all in the timespan from 21 September 1989 to 18 December 1989, and always as the concert opener. It also appeared as part of a medley with Desire and Running To Stand Still on 12 July 2001 in Cologne, Germany.

I guess my life seems pathetic to some. Well, I'm enjoying myself. It's hard to believe I've been out of high school over three months. I actually feel more intelligent now simply because I'm not surrounded by people who seem to be on a continual quest to prove that yes, they really do have a pathetically small intellect.

Talk to me and make the day interesting. Alternatively, if you have an MP3 of Pink Frost or Come Home by The Chills, send them to me. I have both of them stuck in my head and I'm dying to listen to them, but I can't seem to be able to play them on the one site that used to let me. I think I need more money for more CDs. Guess I better work on that job then ...

--- 7:49pm ---

Because I'm just that cool, I managed to find an online stream of Pink Frost and recorded it. I don't know if anyone other than screendoor3 is even remotely interested in hearing this (though I'm sure people like cat_incarnate and purplicious will take whatever free music I throw in their general direction), but here it is: The Chills - Pink Frost, craptastic recorded-from-an-online-stream quality.

I am still seeking Come Home.

--- 9:32pm ---

This is officially the crappiest recording of anything that I have ever made, but it's not my fault. Blame whoever just about compressed this song into oblivion before uploading it, and blame the universe for conspiring in such a way that this is the only version I can find online. I give to the interested parties: The Chills - Come Home!

Still seeking good quality copies.
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