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A fiery rant to kick off March.

Forget the entry I had planned for today.

You want to know what pisses me off so much that I am prepared to use language strong enough to say that it fucking pisses me off?

The kind of people who think their radical right wing agenda matters more than thousands of people dying of preventable causes in Africa. The kind of wankers who think that 3,000 children dying daily of poverty is less important than creating a huge fuss over their warped idea that some television show or another encourages homosexuality in little children. The kind of pricks who think that we should focus more on obnoxious protests outside abortion clinics than sending malaria vaccines and bed nets to Africa to stop the spread of a completely preventable disease. The kind of people who are far more interested in stopping others from having the freedom to choose their own sexuality than stopping the occurrence of stupid poverty. Look, I don't believe in gay marriage, but I don't believe in stopping people from falling in love with whoever they want to fall in love with either. And I get this feeling that the desperate poverty and bloody civil wars that push people towards extremism are a heck of a lot more important than whether or not Adam's wedding Eve or Steve. I find it absolutely offensive, not to mention repulsive and vile, that people claiming the moral high ground are often the most hypocritical of the lot, focusing more on issues that suit their agenda than saving lives. These people won't go near the lepers. These people won't accept the prostitutes. These people won't give to the poor. These people want to build their churches, lock out the homosexuals and abortionists, and say that AIDS is God's curse on Africans for having immoral sex and worshipping tribal deities (I have seriously read that on numerous occasions). These people take Jesus and condense him into a mis-shapen rod to use to beat others over the head. They don't want the cross of Jesus - that is, self-sacrifice, service, and humility - they want to prop up their righteousness, but one has to wonder: they're the only ones who think [Current Cartoon Character Targeted] is gay, so just who has the sick minds?

Oppose abortion and homosexual marriage all you want. I am very much against both. But get your priorities straight and don't try to tell me that what people do in the bedroom is more important than saving lives worldwide. If some woman gets pregnant, decides to have an abortion, and then falls in love with another woman, that's her choice. If some woman is raped by the soldiers of an army in a civil war, has AIDS passed on to her, and is left without food for days while mosquitos bite her and transmit various preventable diseases, that's not her choice. In my opinion, helping the oppressed, downtrodden, and impoverished people of this world is a whole lot more important than villifying someone for making a choice that one disagrees with. Sure, I may think the lesbian who's had an abortion has made some very bad choices, but they're hers to make. The raped and starving woman with diseases was completely deprived of choices and is left without help or medicine. That kind of thing must stop, sooner rather than later.

Thank you, good night.
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