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More trivia! Not much more of anything else, though.

I did have an idea for a post today ... but I'm far too lazy to type it before I go to the rugby and I'll get back too late.

I then had a couple of witty remarks I wanted to make ... but then I forgot them.

I was then going to whine and moan, but LJ decided to stop working and I lost my frustration. But needless to say, if you're going to make plans that involve me, at least consult me before making them! The rugby tonight will be great fun, but spending five hours with my family beforehand will be agonisingly boring. I wish I could move away so that I don't have to bother spending time with them. The sooner 2006 comes, the better.

So now, as requested, I shall post more setlist trivia! Some of this will be easier than last time and some harder.

1. What song from Pop was played more on the Elevation Tour than on Popmart?
2. What is the only U2 instrumental to have been played live?
3. Have all b-sides from any era been played live?
4. How many times has In God's Country been played since the end of the Joshua Tree Tour? Extra credit if you can tell me what tours and how many times on each specific tour.
5. Two Hearts Beat As One was played for the last time on 27 December 1989. Tell me one thing significant about this performance.
6. When did U2 first cover All Along The Watchtower?
7. What five songs were used to close ZooTV concerts?
8. What song had the longest break from being used as a closer, and how long was the break? (By break, I mean it was used in, say, March 1983 and then not for another fourteen years until it closed a Popmart gig in August 1997.)
9. What four song combination closed many main sets from 1984 to 1989?
10. Only one ZooTV concert did not open with Zoo Station. What concert was this and which song opened?
11. What is the only song from Zooropa to have been played in North America?
12. In which countries has Hawkmoon 269 been played?

A couple more than before. Have a crack at it and have fun! Anyone who gets more than six correctly gets ... nothing, really. I don't have any prize to offer. Unless you want me to spend an hour spamming your journal.

Have a good one, folks. I'm off to spend horribly boring time with my dull family the game. Go the Wellington Hurricanes!
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