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Today's highly exciting post full of fun, games, and adventure!

I must commend you, the readers of my journal. I am presently going through my inbox, clearing out the mountains of comments that inundate it, and I happened to notice one old post containing the LJ Comment Stats Wizard. I looked at the figure for total comments and I thought "wow, that's low" ... then I noticed it was from the middle of December last year. In less than two and a half months, you crazy people have somehow managed to cause my comments received figure to almost double. This wouldn't be a major deal if it had gone from 50 to 100. It's gone from 27,000 to over 50,000. Do some of you have no lives beyond LiveJournal? No? Good. Keep it that way. I don't have a life either, if you couldn't already tell. Though if the following paragraph is anything to go by, I may scarily enough have a life next year ...!

Today, some very positive news came in the mail - the University of Queensland has granted approval for me to defer the commencement of my Bachelor of Arts until the first semester of 2006! Woohoo! About time they finally got around to contacting me, too. So now I can focus on taking a year off, earning some cash (yeah, I really should get around to finding a job, shouldn't I?), obsessing over LiveJournal, and moving up to Brisbane early next year.

In less than positive news, I suspect I shall soon have to visit one of those blood sucking leeches otherwise known as a dentist. If it weren't so damn expensive, I would have had my sore tooth looked at over a month ago, but no, these people insist on charging outrageous prices. They only get away with it because once you become desperate enough, you have to go to them and you'll give them whatever they ask. I've nothing against dentistry, I just hate the way they rip off the average customer. And if they decide I should get braces, they can get stuffed. My teeth are quite fine, except for Annoying Upper Right Sore Bastard.

Tomorrow, I shall be attending the Super 12 rugby union match between the Queensland Reds and Wellington Hurricanes up in Brisbane. Go the 'Canes! I haven't seen the Hurricanes play live and they're only in Queensland every second year so it should be stacks of fun. Maybe I'll take the digital camera. That's what it's for, I suppose.

U2 bootlegs are edifying and beneficial for the soul. Some theological study might come in handy too. I need more motivation - and scarily enogh, I think I've found it. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

If you are yet to have an attempt, ignore what's below and go here now and try your luck!

Now ... ANSWERS!

1. What is the earliest U2 concert for which we have the whole setlist?
5 October 1979, Cork. The setlist is as follows (songs in italics have never been released):
- Stories For Boys
- The Speed Of Life (aka The Speed Of Light)
- Cartoon World
- The King's New Clothes
- Inside Out
- Another Time, Another Place
- Boy/Girl
- Out Of Control
- Encore: Glad To See You Go (Ramones cover)
2. What song appears in both the setlist of #1 and U2's most recent concert, that at the Brooklyn Bridge?
Out Of Control. For those of you who said I Will Follow, it is not known to have been played live before 7 September 1980. That said, we only have setlists for four shows before the commencement of the Boy Tour.
3. What non-album song has been played live the most?
11 O'clock Tick Tock, an obscure non-album single, U2's first on Island Records, released on 23 May 1980 with Touch as the b-side. 11 O'clock Tick Tock was the evolution of The Silver Lining and has been played 319 times (321 if you count the two known performances of The Silver Lining), making it the fourteenth most regularly played U2 song ever and the most intensively played song from 1980 to 1985.
4. What b-side has been played live the most?
Party Girl, the b-side to the non-album single A Celebration, released in 1982 under the name Trash, Trampoline, And The Party Girl. It was played 162 times, making it the only other non-album song to reach triple figures. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, the non-album single U2 made for Batman Forever, falls just short in third place on 94.
5. What song from Pop has been played live the most?
Gone, 148 times. Staring At The Sun has been played 129 times, Please 119, and Discotheque 112.
6. Has any U2 album had all of its songs played in full live? If so, which one/s?
Boy. Next is Achtung Baby - ten of its twelve tracks were played regularly on the ZooTV Tour, So Cruel was played in full once and snippeted a few more times, and Acrobat is heard on the famous bootleg of U2's private rehearsals in Hershey on 6 August 1992.
7. What were two notable points of the setlist of the first concert of the third leg of the Elevation Tour?
There are more than just two, but I was thinking of the following:
- Bullet The Blue Sky was not performed. This is the first and only time it has been omitted since 1992. I need to read over setlists from before 1992 because it may have only been omitted a few times on the Joshua Tree and Lovetown Tours, if at all.
- Beautiful Day opened for the first and only time. At the present moment (the Vertigo Tour may change this), Beautiful Day is the only U2 lead single to EVER open a full tour concert. Beautiful Day and Vertigo are the only lead singles to have ever opened anything (promo concerts, TV appearances, et cetera) at all. I challenge you to find one instance of A Day Without Me, Fire, New Year's Day, Pride, With Or Without You, Desire, The Fly, Numb, or Discotheque opening anything.
8. What song was played live the longest before its commercial release? How long was the gap?
This is my favourite piece of trivia. Slow Dancing debuted live on 1 December 1989 in Osaka and was not released until almost four years later as a b-side to the Stay (Faraway, So Close!) single on 22/23 November 1993.
9. How many songs have opened and closed the same set? What songs are they?
Four. They are as follows:
- The Ocean, 10 times.
- 11 O'clock Tick Tock, 7 times.
- Vertigo, 3 times.
- Elevation, 1 time.
The Ocean and 11 O'clock Tick Tock opened and closed full tour gigs. The Vertigo and Elevation incidences were only at promo appearances.
10. How many times was Zooropa, the song, played live?
Three times. 8 August 1993 in Glasgow (Edge's birthday) and 11 and 12 August 1993 in London.

If anyone would like to try more trivia, I shall post it.
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