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A frivolous entry with a setlist game.

You know what I don't want? To be made to feel like I can't make trivial, unimportant, reasonably pointless posts on my journal. Some days, I just want to update with some random thoughts and interact with my friends, because I really do enjoy the commenting culture that's sprung up around these parts. Today's one of those days. I just want to relax and talk to my friends. I've been entertaining negative thoughts this evening, and I really don't feel like continuing to entertain them by writing some long and depressing entry analysing them. So if you feel like humouring me and probably encouraging waves of ridiculous conversations tomorrow, drop a comment.

Hmm. Is anyone up for a game of U2 setlist trivia?

1. What is the earliest U2 concert for which we have the whole setlist?
2. What song appears in both the setlist of #1 and U2's most recent concert, that at the Brooklyn Bridge?
3. What non-album song has been played live the most?
4. What b-side has been played live the most?
5. What song from Pop has been played live the most?
6. Has any U2 album had all of its songs played in full live? If so, which one/s?
7. What were two notable points of the setlist of the first concert of the third leg of the Elevation Tour?
8. What song was played live the longest before its commercial release? How long was the gap?
9. How many songs have opened and closed the same set? What songs are they?
10. How many times was Zooropa, the song, played live?

No cheating!
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