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Four disconnected topics in six paragraphs and a closing line.

Ah, the wonders of computer illiterate parents ... at least teaching young children how to use a computer is somewhat cute. I've just had to show my mother twice how to copy and paste letters she's written in Word into Hotmail, and she still doesn't get it. The sad part? I think she's grasped the concepts of e-mail carbon copies and blind carbon copies, but still can't get how to open Hotmail and paste her letter. I keep thinking back to when I first had a computer and when I first went online, and in both cases, I figured things out quite successfully for myself. There was no-one to tell me how to copy and paste, I just worked things out. Sometimes, I have my own strange methods - my 60 words per minute typing with my index fingers and left thumb comes to mind - but I still wasn't like this! Ah well, I'm just glad she has a computer now so that she doesn't come in here of an afternoon to borrow my computer and spend 45 minutes typing a single e-mail.

Today, I have had much fun reading reviews on, and I even wrote a couple, for the All Because Of You and Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own singles. I'm amused to read the whining made by a pack of rabid anti-U2 people, mainly comprised of the selfish bunch of twits who must have jumped on board sometime in the nineties and now band together to slag off U2 because the band aren't acting as their puppets and making what they desire (Achtung Baby/Zooropa/Pop Part II). Even more amusing are the ignorant teenyboppers without a clue gushing over pop stars - apparently, Britney Spears is "so talented ... [and] cool" now. Most amusing, however, are the responses to the teenybopper crowd, and the absolutely wonderful and true condemnations made. So hysterical.

Now here's a classic Axver observation that could be applied to many pop records, and I'm not going to cut it: If you have any self-respect at all, you will avoid this tripe like it carries the Black Death. You will not even think of buying this for your little girl or your young niece as a present, as pop trash like this is the STDs of music and I doubt you want to infect anyone. Buying this album is like paying for a bad prostitute - you hand over money only to be horribly fucked in the ears.

How to torment a U2 concert trader: Offer him a trade for five DVDs and then show him your own trade list that is a veritable gold mine of rare bootlegs. I feel like I am a kid in a candy store with thousands of lollies to choose from but only enough money to buy five. Except this is worse than a candy store because at least at the store, I could sneak a couple of lollies while the shopkeeper isn't looking. I feel sorry for myself. At least in times past when I discovered totally droolworthy lists, I didn't have a trade offer (and because of my limited funds and travel, I just let trades come to me), but now I've been presented with a deal and I'm trying to get over the drool factor and organise my request.

I'm trying to do the impossible and rank all of U2's songs in order from best to worst. This may just take a while. At least I have my top nine! From first to ninth: Where The Streets Have No Name, Bad, The Unforgettable Fire, One Tree Hill, City Of Blinding Lights, Heartland, New Year's Day, Acrobat, Gone. Spanish Eyes (yes, a b-side!) may come in tenth. If the studio version of 11 O'clock Tick Tock were anything like the sensational live versions, it would be at number one. Ah well, it's still my favourite song, even if the studio version is going to be incredibly far down my list.

I wonder where non-U2 music would come in if I attempted to include my favourite songs by other bands. Hmm, that might be an excessively difficult task, especially as I don't have the whole catalogue of any other band and haven't tried to rank any songs. I think I'll stick to what I know, the almighty goodness of U2.

And that should be it for today's disconnected topics.
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