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I don't really know what to say today, except that I miss having a journal that really is a log of my own thoughts. Some days, I hate what this has become. Some days, I want to vent my thoughts and have a good rant. Some days, I want to ramble on about U2 to my heart's content. And every day, I hate feeling like I am under scrutiny to say or not say certain things and produce a certain calibre of entry. I love writing, it's compulsive, but really, why do I bother? Nothing I do will make some of you happy. Oh, but isn't that the truth for everything I do. Maybe I should take a hiatus. Oh, that's what I thought this year was. Yeah, next time I think one of my ideas is good, I'll remember to promptly discard it.

Yes, this entry is a substitute for all kinds of snide, sarcastic, and biting comments that I am choosing to keep to myself. Yes, I'll regret making this post when I get up tomorrow and find some overly sensitive person thinks this is directed to them. Yes, yes, yes ... why bother?

Positive footnote: those of you who know purplicious will want to join mock_the_kate; the rest of you can ignore this. I wasn't kidding when I said I'd make the community. It happens to come with the added twist that all mocks shall be mocked.
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