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Nothing much to say I guess, just as bland as all the rest ...

I have nothing at all to post, nothing that I care to say publicly, no reason at all to update, but ... I am still writing this, compulsively. Thus, I feel I should say the following: I, André Axver, have a severe LiveJournal obsession. And I like it.

Random tidbits of news, comments, and thoughts:
- In Time magazine this week, there's an article on how Prince Charles and Camilla are to wed, and there are images of headlines in British tabloids responding to this news. My favourite? From an unidentified paper: BORING OLD GITS TO WED. Classy publication.
- Bono is said to be nominated for a Nobel Prize again. Let's hope he finally gets it.
- When you do things, consider others. Please. Especially when you take things. I'd really appreciate it if my wishes were at least acknowledged. Mum just went out in the campervan overnight and decided to take the device we have for our television that gives us access to a range of channels, including the channel broadcasting the 20-overs-a-side cricket match between New Zealand and Australia. For the last two weeks, I've been emphasising how I'm looking forward to this game, the first ever international 20-overs match. So of course, I'm left without any way to watch it. Nice.
- At least the time granted to me by having no cricket to watch permitted me to clear a small part of the backlog of comments in my inbox. LJ spam will be the end of me.
- I miss writing, and yet I never seem to inspire myself to really get back into doing it. This is an unsatisfactory state of affairs and I hope things shall not remain stagnant, despite my pessimism.
- My father is yet to contact me. I sent him the e-mail late on Saturday, and I was in communication via his work e-mail briefly on Monday. He told me that he hadn't read it yet, that he hadn't checked his home e-mails since before Saturday, but I know he would have read it that night. Well, I'm still waiting for a reply, four nights later ...

Thank you for humouring this LJ addict. Have a good and LJ-obsessed one, folks.
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