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Sport, illness, bla bla bla

And in the sport ...

Last night/early this morning, the New Zealand All Blacks thumped the South African Springboks 52-16. Scoring seven tries in an absolute walkover (AT ALTITUDE!), the All Blacks defeated the same team that just beat the Australian Wallabies 26-22 last weekend at sea level. The All Blacks are now favourites to win the Bledisloe Cup match against Australia next week, and can rightfully claim to be the best team in the Southern Hemisphere. It's between them and Australia, and note the following;

NZ 13 England 15 (Game dictated by referee, might as well have been scripted, NZ scored only try)
Australia 14 England 25 (Australia lost by more than NZ, and the margin of loss should've been much bigger)

Australia 30 Wales 10 (Australia said they'd win by 50. The Welsh probably should've lost by about 7 less)
NZ 55 Wales 3 (NZ never tried to talk themselves up, yet won by the 50 Australia said they would win by but didn't)

Australia 22 South Africa 26 (Close match, most people here picked Australia to win)
NZ 52 South Africa 16 (Everyone expected this match to be close. This was a wonderful victory by the Blacks)

So note the comparison - NZ has done a lot better than Australia. Hopefully they'll pull off another victory next week, against Australia in Sydney!

And in other sporting news, Australia is playing a test match against Bangladesh. A TEST MATCH IN WINTER! It's crazy. But the Banglas aren't playing too bad. Sure, they're getting thumped, but not as badly as I expected. One of their batsmen even made 54. I'm actually impressed in a way. Considering Australia is nearly unbeatable ...

Getting away from sport, I'm coming down with an illness. My throat hurts, my nose is running, I have a cough, and I just don't feel too well. So I'll probably be off school tomorrow ...
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