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Nothing much to say I guess, just the same as all the rest ...

I've noticed something: it's very hard to have an original opinion, viewpoint, or even complaint. Yesterday and today, I've been reading the posts made about Valentine's Day, and including my own, it's just the same stuff as every year. You have the crowd that thinks Valentine's Day is excessively commercial and hates it, another crowd who agree it's commercial but take advantage of that, and the crowd that don't care and make a point of acting like it's just an ordinary day (which is self-defeating, because on an ordinary day, you wouldn't be making such a point). There are the singles who band together and say that this day doesn't depress them and then there are those who get depressed. There are those in relationships who say the day doesn't matter because they don't need a specific date, while there are those who take as much advantage of it as possible. Then you have your shallow types, who I need say nothing more about. I'm sure you can think of a few other stereotypes yourself, and their typical LiveJournal entries. No new opinions at all. Maybe some new phrasing, maybe some new examples, maybe some new perspectives by those who have matured or found love or recently been hurt or whatever, but nothing unique and original.

It's the same with a lot of things. Christmas is a prime example. But not just celebrations. Try the U2 fandom and opinions relating to all albums made after Achtung Baby. Try opinions on music in general - I, for one, am proud to say that I fit perfectly into the Eighties U2 elitist box. Yes, I fit into a box. Shocked? You shouldn't be. I champion the cause of Eighties U2 elitism. Eighties U2 pisses all over everything else ever made. Achtung Baby is dross compared to Lovetown - the implications of that on the status of the vast majority of non-U2 music in my opinion might not bear thinking about.

That, however, is a tangent. Wherever you look, there seem to be the same varieities of opinions - politics, sport, religion, movies, literature, et cetera. And then there are the complaints. Whether they come from the born whiners who you just want to slap or someone who has spotted a genuine flaw or someone who misses the point or what-have-you, there are the complaints. And rarely are they new. It's just the same tired objections, over and over again. Someone will spot a genuine flaw, someone will not understand this and defend the flaw, then the defender will be accused of being an apologist who believes whatever is flawed can do no wrong, and all hell breaks loose.

You can predict responses to events even before they occur. Just wait for Bush to make his next big decision. Watch the Bush apologists fall over each other in their bids to make the most vocal praise. Watch the Bush haters crack jokes. Watch otherwise calm people descend into predictable flame wars. Alternatively, post on homosexuality and you'll soon find 'conservative' and 'liberal' thrown around as dirty words. People will be accused of being closed-minded, both sides will claim the moral high ground, and no-one will get anywhere. Say something negative about the USA and just wait for the patriots, the "nowhere is perfect" responses, the "yeah, I hate being American" exclamations, and so forth.

It's all so bloody predictable. Even this. Just the same old, same old, over and over again. There's nothing new under the sun. We just keep going around ... and around ... and around.

I wish I could say something original for a change.
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