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A bit of a rant.

Missed my rants? I'm back with a vengeance today. I didn't actually think I'd be posting at all, but then I noticed the date and checked both Interference and my friends page. Suddenly, rantastic Axver returned. I don't think I've sworn this much in an entry in a long time.

Normally, I love the U2 fan community. For such a huge group of people, it's very close-knit, generous, helpful, and kind. Even when people are absolute twits, most U2 fans are very tolerant of them and offer assistance anyway. But now a vocal minority of the fandom are really starting to piss me off. I haven't joined in on any of the complaining until now. There was whining about the cost of the $40 membership to, whining about the venues amd dates, whining about not getting tickets, whining about paying $40 to not get tickets, whining about Larry's apology via about the presale fiasco, whining about Bono's voice, whining about Bono's hat, whining about Bono's hair, whining about U2's performance at the Grammy's, whining about Larry's apology on international TV at the Grammy's for the presale fiasco, whining about the whining, whining about the whining about the whining, and so on. Larry had two words for you, and I have four:


The presale was a bit of a stuff-up, but anyone with any sense would have entered that knowing U2 are wildly popular and tickets will be difficult. Sure, may have had some poor wording and didn't keep certain promises, but 1. does not equal U2 and 2. ANYONE WITH ANY SENSE KNOWS THAT WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO GET TICKETS TO THE BIGGEST BAND IN THE WORLD, YOU AREN'T GUARANTEED A THING. However, I tolerated that whining. People were upset. $40 isn't something you just chuck down the drain, and everyone was all hyped about getting tickets. Directing anger at U2 was completely irrational and daft, but the anger itself was understandable.

But throwing a fit when Larry APOLOGISED? Throwing a fit when Larry apologised TWICE for events BEYOND HIS CONTROL? This band has class. This band cares about its fans. It wasn't made in the studio - U2 became famous because of their loyal fans and they haven't forgotten it. They APOLOGISED. SINCERELY. And some of you are going to cut them down for that? Have you lost all grasp of reality? This is just so messed up. People were begging for an apology, DEMANDING that U2 say something to appease misdirected anger - and once they got what they wanted, they exploded in fury again! Can someone tell me why U2 are touring when they have such ungrateful fans? Come on, Edge's daughter is very ill, and if the fans are going to be wankers, that's all the more reason for him to stay home. That little girl needs her father.

Attn: shallow fans. Is it really that important what Bono wears? His hair's too long? He's got too many wrinkles now? You don't like his hat? What pathetically shallow reality do you live in? Bono can wear whatever the hell he wants. I ENCOURAGE him to wear that new hat, partly because I think he looks good in it and mainly to SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSE. This is a BAND: You listen to the MUSIC. This is the world: You judge people on who they are, not how they look or what they wear. Stop being so shallow. If you care so much about what people look like, go buy pop music and oogle over the undressed products of MTV. Or go one step further and just buy pornography. I think you'd like that better.

Attn: whiny American fans. So U2 aren't coming to your town? Big deal. They're doing a WHOLE TOUR LEG of ONE SINGLE COUNTRY. Not even IRELAND gets that kind of special treatment. If you think you're in a position to complain - you're not. U2 haven't played Australia in seven years. Japan or New Zealand in twelve. Finland has only been played twice, 1982 and 1997. South America has only had seven concerts, all in 1998. The entire African continent has only had two U2 concerts ever, both in 1998. Mainland Asia has NEVER had a U2 concert, unless you count 1997 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Greece has only had U2 once, in 1997. Eastern Europe is lucky to get one concert a tour. With the possible exclusion of Oceania, U2 could easily sell out stadium concerts in all of those markets without even trying, and down here, they could sell out arenas with the utmost of ease.

I want U2 to do another Lovetown Tour. Not one single US date. Come play twenty-seven shows in Australia/NZ again. Then go to Japan. Then cross the water and play mainland Asia. Then go to Africa, South Africa at least. Then go tour EVERY SINGLE NATION IN THE EU, and a few more (like Russia, you know, that HUGE country that deserves at least a Moscow gig!). Then set up camp at Croke Park, Dublin, and play the twelve-night stand you could have easily sold out on this tour before venturing to Cork and Belfast.

This rant, of course, was not directed at some people who have complained about the dates, as they have valid reasons. But "waaaa, I'll be in [this state they're not playing]"? Go hop on a fucking plane. At least you don't have to travel halfway around the world to see your favourite band play.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is Meaningless Celebration of Commercialism Day today. Take my advice: if you have something to celebrate, tell as few people as possible, because if you're not careful, it will be turned into a worthless and frivolous occasion for corporations to bleed gullible shopaholics dry. Oh yeah, and if you need to be told by some date (arbitrarily selected by an executive to sell you worthless crap) to express your love for someone, I have just one question for you: do you actually care about them at all? You shouldn't need to be told to go and buy your special someone flowers.

Now, let's see what good things happened today:

- I FINALLY received my package from themegs. It's been almost two months coming! And worth every second of the wait.
- I received a grand total of 28CDs and 4DVDs today. I, uh, have a lot of U2 goodness to listen to.
- U2 put on a STELLAR performance at the Grammy's. Not the best performance ever of Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own but brilliant nonetheless, and Larry is class.
- Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own has gone #1 in the United Kingdom. This is the first time EVER that U2 has had two number ones in the UK from the same album, and their sixth UK number one overall (seven if you count that LMC versus U2 thing). The only other time U2 have had two number ones from the same album was in 1987 when With Or Without You and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For both went to the top spot in the States. For all of my life, U2 have been the biggest band in the world and it's amazing to see they continue to remain relevant. This is an incredible achievement by the lads.
- A few points not fit for a public entry.

Have a good one, folks.
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