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The curse that is dialup has returned to strike me.

I never thought I'd be back on dialup. It's painful, people, painful.

I woke up this morning and my Internet was down. No amount of trying would get it to work. No amount of trying to contact the support line could establish a connection, it was always too busy. So I went to my last resort, plugging in dialup. Remarkably, my modem still works! So here I am, on the ancient piece of junk that is dialup. At least I'm here. Considering that I'd sent that e-mail to Dad last night and the state I'm in, the last thing I needed was to be separated from the online world. I'm so glad I'm here. Hopefully I'll get DSL to work soon.

For now, I'm starting to think that my LJ world and I should just establish a community in the Southern Alps so that we don't need to depend on the Internet. As much as I love the Internet, I wish it were more reliable. I'm almost tempted to get a business connection so I can be guaranteed better uptime and service - I'd be even more tempted if I could actually afford the prices!

Yes, this is yet another worthless post. Maybe I'll have something to say with a point soon.

--- 12:17pm ---

Joy hath returned to the land and my DSL has reconnected! Let us hope this lasts. Otherwise, I am tempted to become an ISP myself so I have as permanent access as possible.
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