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You glorify the past when the future dries up.

In this world of seemingly innate violence, extreme and inexplicable hate, politically correct intolerance, corruption, deceit, apathy, indifference, ignorance, idiocy, idolisation of shallow celebrity role models, materialistic excess, marginalisation of difference and individualism, rejection of creativity for formulaic norms, careless disregard for the planet, rampant environmental destruction, selfishness, greed, anti-religious superiorism, pro-religious bubblism, disregard of important cultural institutions, blissful obliviousness to consequences, failure to accept responsibility, and innumerable other ills, I worry about the future.

Is it any surprise?

I think I just did a little too much contemplation about the state of things.


Completely different topic now. I have been working on custom versions of U2's albums, adding b-sides, live songs, and out-takes to the original tracklisting to create a sort of 'mega album', and I thought I'd post what I think is my favourite (tied with the custom UF I posted yesterday). If anyone wants to see the others, I could post them. For now, my modification of The Joshua Tree.


B-sides are in italics. The variety and depth of material here (expanded from 11 to 24, and there's more I could include) shows that U2 had hit an intense creative period where they could have easily released at least another two albums. To open my copy, I use a mix called Beautiful Streets - the transition from Beautiful Ghost into Where The Streets Have No Name gives me chills. Its inclusion makes the holy trinity of Streets/ISHFWILF/WOWY all the more incredible.

1. Beautiful Ghost - studio out-take
2. Where The Streets Have No Name
3. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
4. With Or Without You
5. Luminous Times (Hold On To Love)
6. Walk To The Water

7. Red Hill Mining Town
8. Race Against Time
9. Deep In The Heart

10. In God's Country
11. Trip Through Your Wires
12. Womanfish - Unreleased live track
13. Bullet The Blue Sky
14. Running To Stand Still
15. One Tree Hill
16. Exit
17. Silver And Gold
18. Move Out - Unreleased soundcheck track
19. Spanish Eyes
20. The Sweetest Thing

21. She's A Mystery To Me - Unreleased studio track
22. Wild Irish Rose - Unreleased studio track
23. My Time Hasn't Come - Unreleased soundcheck track
24. Mothers Of The Disappeared

The last four is something else - the emotions conjured are so incredibly powerful, and it was an absolute crime to not release She's A Mystery To Me and Wild Irish Rose. Another startling point is that Spanish Eyes and Luminous Times were b-sides. There's no question about it - other bands wish they could make songs as good as U2's b-sides. Anyone else would be proud to release those two, and most of the other b-sides, as singles. Indeed, U2 made a music video for Spanish Eyes and re-recorded The Sweetest Thing as a single in 1998, as if to prove my point. I'm also quite seriously tempted to use ZooTV performances of Bullet The Blue Sky and Running To Stand Still, but I fear Bullet will rock too hard for the rest of the album and you can't have ZooTV RTSS without ZooTV Bullet. All in all, I feel The Joshua Forest is quite droolworthy.

Ladies and gentlemen, if that had been released, it would have been absolutely the best album ever without any doubt.
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