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Driving tips from the master.

There was an ad on television a while ago as part of a campaign against speeding, and I was reminded of it by a conversation last night. The ad went roughly as follows:

Scene #1
Car: *travelling at the speed limit, 50km/h, through a residential neighbourhood*
Child: *runs onto road*
Driver: *hits brakes*
Car: *stops just before the child*
Child: *is most likely screaming, terrified, and traumatised, but we don't see that*
Driver: *is most likely feeling horrible and guilty, just for obeying the law, but we don't see that*

Scene #2
Narrator: *something to the effect of "but if that car was going just ten kilometres over the speed limit ..."*
Car: *travelling along at 60km/h, which, mind you, was the residential speed limit until a few years ago*
Child: *runs onto the road*
Driver: *hits brakes*
Car: *hits child*
Child: *is dead*
Logic: *is also dead*

You see, if the car had been doing 60km/h rather than 50km/h, IT WOULD HAVE ALREADY PASSED THROUGH THE AREA BEFORE THE CHILD RAN ONTO THE ROAD. All kinds of emotional trauma, guilt, and terror would have been avoided if only the driver had ignored the signposted limit and sped. For this reason, I propose:


"Ethical speeding: for safer roads, swifter transport, and the protection of children."
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