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A celebratory entry that heads off on a rant of a tangent.

Sign you aren't quite awake #584: You take a mid-afternoon nap, and upon waking at 5:45pm, you stagger around for about five minutes wondering why everyone is up so early in the morning.

This business of staying up late to secure U2 tickets really is taking it out of me. Can you believe that less than a year and a half ago, it was regular behaviour for me to be awake at 1, 2, maybe even 3am? Those who have followed my journal since the early days may remember updates from the wee hours of the morning. Just a year ago, I would spend the earliest hour of the morning pondering my faith in the quiet and relative cool of the night. Now, I struggle to make 11pm. I've had to stay up until 1am to get U2 tickets - and yesterday, in my jubilation at getting GA tickets, I stayed up until 3am. When I slept in until 10am, I woke up in a panic, feeling as if I had wasted the day. When 3pm rolled around only five rather than at least eight hours after I woke, I felt like the day had completely run away from me. I'm still recovering from that 3am night, hence the mid-afternoon nap. I'm still tired now, and I have another post-1am bedtime in store for me. I feel like I have become an old man at the tender age of eighteen.

Tonight's presale is going to be a bloodbath. Only three dates for New York/New Jersey? I have no idea how we are going to even get in the door at Madison Square Gardens on the 21st, but we're sure going to try ('we' being defined as themegs, ananda_daydream, carobanano, and I). They simply have to add extra dates - everywhere else that has gone on sale has had at least one unannounced show go on sale within minutes of the first selling out.

Even if I don't make it to a New York show, the trip over from Australia is most certainly going to be worth it, as I will be attending a number of concerts in Boston with purplicious, screendoor3, and ashley_sama. Here's how it looks at the moment:

24 May - 300-level nosebleeds
26 May - General Admission
28 May - General Admission

Yes, you read right. The 26 May GAs that I thought I had lost yesterday due to Ticketmaster presenting me with an error were actually processed and I HAVE MY TICKETS. I simply cannot believe my incredible luck. I don't know how I'm typing coherently. At first, I thought maybe my tiredness was helping me to keep a calm tone, but then I realised tiredness has never aided my coherentness.

You know what? My father and his phone calls are really frustrating. Not only because they're difficult and awkward, but also because I now have no idea where I was going with this entry. Well, let me just do the regular thing and order all of you who haven't yet to join darfur_crisis. It will only take a second of your time. I am incensed that a UN commission of inquiry will back away from labelling the Sudanese crisis as genocide and essentially permit the violence to drag on for further months without significant international intervention. This is disgraceful.

But they're only Africans. Apparently they don't matter.

It may be a slightly different matter, but the following quote is brilliant.

The head of USAID was quoted as saying he didn't think it was possible to send pharmaceuticals to the people of Africa to treat their AIDS viruses because Africans don't have wristwatches and they can't keep the time necessary to, uh- WHAT IS GOING ON? So twenty-five million Africans can go to fuckin' hell because they don't have wristwatches?!
- Bono, at the start of One, 8 June 2001

If people like the head of USAID don't have a clue, no wonder nothing is happening to end the plight of the third world. It seems like we have no moral qualms with permitting the third world to live in war, disease, poverty, and hunger. And yes, the head of USAID in 2001 is still in his position. One can only hope he's a little less ignorant now.
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