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You glorify the present and the self as you forget about the past.

One memory from high school that will stay with me forever is an example of staggering stupidity and ignorance. This glorious display of the power of the enlightened and informed seventeen year old intellect comes straight from my grade twelve English class.

< insert class discussion about depictions, readings, and interpretations of the Holocaust >
Student: What is the Holocaust?
Me: *grabs hair, on the verge of pulling it out because of yet another example of idiocy from the members of this class* *headdesk* UGH!
< insert a couple of statements of "not everyone is as smart as you, André" >
< insert me rolling my eyes at this acceptance of ignorance >
< insert quick explanation of the Holocaust >
Student: *blank ... blank ... OH! a connection!* You mean, like, Hitler?
Me, to myself: You had to ask?!

Well, yeah, Hitler had something to do with it, O Intellectual One. And as posted in October 2004, apparently he was doing society a service too.

The stupidity, ignorance, and hate of some people is completely repulsive and vile. The Holocaust might as well not be modern but ancient history now, considering how short-sighted our society is. It doesn't look back and learn, it doesn't look forward with a drive to progress, it looks at itself, at nearby others, back at itself, and decides it needs more. Fancier clothes, flasher jewellery, more expensive technology, and all kinds of other needless accessories and materialistic items to flaunt. Who cares about the past? It's already happened and doesn't concern me!

Well, actually, it does. Today's one of the days to look back at one event that majorly shaped the past, but all occurrences have their significance. No matter what way you look at it, the greatest influence on the world today - with the exclusion of God - is history and the way in which it is remembered and retold to future generations. To ignore it is folly, and yet what should be basic general knowledge is unknown to some. Forget more obscure historical details. Forget the alarming parallels between Britain's management of its Mesopotamian mandate after World War One and the present situation in Iraq. Forget knowing that the region of Iraq is also known as Mesopotamia. Forget all that. People don't even know about the blasted Holocaust!

Say what you will about how exciting the study of history is or is not - that doesn't change or deny the fact that it has brought us to precisely where we are today. The way we respect and understand it will shape the future.
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