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The Vertigo Tour approaches as worry sets in.

OK, we have some tour news, as most in the U2 fan world already know - the Vertigo Tour [yes, I find it unimaginative too, especially as it follows the Elevation Tour] begins in San Diego on 28 March, concludes in Boston in late May, and restarts in Brussels on 10 June. Full dates to be announced on Monday. Presale on Tuesday.

This, of course, presents bucketloads of problems for me whereas the originally rumoured schedule was far more accommodating. I will definitely be in Tennessee from the 18th to the 28th of March unless the late May dates are so good and convenient that I come then. However, the latter is really unlikely and I cannot see myself not coming in March. I'll have to come later in March and stay into April now, but I will be stuck on completely the wrong side of the US unless U2 really quickly cross the continent - and they do seem to be very quick at getting from one place to another sometimes. Nonetheless, I am preparing for the worst eventuality, which is namely U2 being out of convenient distance of Tennessee.

If U2 are outside of convenient distance of Tennessee, this will mean I will have to fly to the gig, likely by myself. The world is made for people with better vision than me, and I have no idea how I would cope in a foreign airport or find public transportation (if it's even available!) and accommodation. I'm nervous in crowds and going to a U2 concert with someone else is enough of a worry, and knowing my luck, U2 will end up playing in cities where I don't know anyone. I know I should wait until the schedule is announced before I really start worrying, but I'm disobeying that 'should'.

But do I really want to go anyway? It's like I'm preparing myself for a letdown by not wanting to go any more. Is it worth the effort? Let's be serious here. I'll be in some huge crowd, something I'm terrified of, most likely too far away for me to see, and all there is to see are four guys standing on a stage, three playing instruments and one wielding a microphone. Just to add on to that, I'll be going to great effort and expense to attend, and tickets may be too difficult to procure anyway. What's so special about that? Too many people, too loud, too expensive. I'm sure it won't be as incredible as I imagine it will be. I no longer know if it is worth my while attending.

I feel that even if everything else goes in my favour, my vision will defeat me. I hate being restricted by my vision. I just want to be able to see U2 play some songs, damnit. I don't want to be terrified to death in the midst of a sea of people, unable to see the lads play and wishing I hadn't wasted my money and energy.

At least in some good news, I discovered that I can stay for up to 90 days in the US without a visa, rather than the month I was initially told. That could be potentially helpful, I don't know.

Anyone want to look after an Axver for a day?
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