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Someone's been negligent on the spammery!

I think it's somewhat lame to make a post that blatantly and unashamedly requests spam, but this is for a good cause.

I was recording the progression of my comment counts daily, in a generorkial attempt to find any patterns and to see just how quickly it grows over time. At one point, I thought that the count would indeed rise by a whopping ten thousand in a single month. However, this now appears to be in jeopardy! I first recorded my comment count on 22 December:

22 December 2004, 10pm: 30,998.
21 January 2005, midday: 39,308.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have 34 hours to rectify this situation. This entry is yours. Do to it what you will, and have fun.

And what's the good cause mentioned in my opening line? If we don't reach this goal, there is the potential for cute furry little animals to die.

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