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On a stupid note or two.

The mail brought bad news.

"To defer the commencement of study in this program until 1st semester, 2006, please note:

The University [of Queensland] does not grant deferment, except for those who have been selected to participate in an international pre-tertiary educational exchange program, or where an applicant has experienced special hardship due to unforeseen ill health or other special circumstances of this nature. If this applies to you, you should respond to QTAC by the response date and forward a letter requesting deferment, including proof of circumstances, to reach [UQ] by the response/offer lapse date [24 January]."

One word: FUCK.

I rejected my offer of accommodation on the basis that I was deferring and will not require it. I could never get an appropriate place in Brisbane at such short notice. Besides, I won't be here for the month of March. I cannot financially support myself yet. I cannot possibly go to Brisbane. But I'm not violently ill and I have no idea what proof of circumstances would be enough to fulfill other special considerations.

Interestingly enough, two different sections of their website give two other, differing statements on deferment, both more positive, and my mother and I just wrote a letter that may be sufficient to convince the university to grant me deferment even under the above quote. We'll have to wait and see now. If they don't grant deferment ... I have no idea what I will do.

In other news ...

Every time I read about George Bush, he seems to be saying something completely asinine or promoting a misguided and errant policy. Today, however, topped the lot. I was dumbfounded when I read some of his thoroughly ridiculous statements here.

In an interview with the Washington Post on Sunday, Bush was asked why no one in his administration had been held accountable for perceived missteps on Iraq policy, including being wrong about weapons of mass destruction.

"We had an accountability moment, and that's called the 2004 election," he was reported as saying.

FFS, Bush. We know you're stupid, you don't need to prove it. In the world of Bush, being re-elected by a pitifully small margin means that no mistakes or errors were made and no lies were told. So no-one's going to be held accountable for the stupidity that has resulted in the needless deaths of thousands over a wild goose chase? Because of an election result?

[Bush said that] "I will be more pleased when [Osama bin Laden]'s brought to justice, and I think he will be."

Bush, learn to use English properly so that your meaning is clear. It sounds like you are saying that bin Laden will be pleased when he is brought to justice.

"I think the American people obviously re-elected him. That doesn't mean they agree with all of his policies relative to Iraq or all of the ways in which the Iraq war has been fought," Senator Carl Levin said.

I'm glad someone in US politics actually thinks from time to time. I'm sure plenty of people disagreed with Bush's policies on Iraq but considered his other policies superior to those of Kerry. Just because you voted for a candidate doesn't mean you agreed with all their policies. And then there are the hordes of voters that simply don't think. They exist in their millions worldwide. I hate to think of the rationale behind some Bush (and Kerry) votes.

Aides say his inaugural address will emphasize freedom, and the president's vision of spreading democracy worldwide, with a focus on Iraq.

Let's hope not. I'm sick of Bush looking foolish. He can't talk about freedom when you consider the gross human rights violations occurring in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, or Iraq. If a country detains people without proof that would hold up to scrutiny in a civilian court, then it is in no position to emphasise freedom. You can't just detain someone because you think they might be a terrorist. Detain them on the basis of proof, and if there is no proof, LET THEM GO. Unless, of course, the Bush Administration would like to reassess its values and affirm 'guilty until proven innocent'.

White House spokesman Dan Bartlett explained that the president believed "there was two very different, competing versions or visions of what was happening in Iraq" and that "the American people agreed with his assessment."

If you will recall, Bush won 51% of the vote. That's just about the smallest margin by which he could have won! That's not even remotely an endorsement of his version of events by the American people.

"Some of the decisions I've made up to now have affected our standing in parts of the world," he said, later adding that he believes "when it's all said and done, those in the Muslim world who long for peace will see that the policies of this government will lead to peace."

This is the point at which I realised Bush has not got the faintest clue about anything. He is a complete dimwit if he believes the completely redundant drivel that comes out of his mouth. His policies are only causing further tension, divide, and hatred within the Muslim/Arab world, and the more he pursues them, the further he will head away from peace. His violent, aggressive policies ignore the interests of the vast majority of the inhabitants of the region and his arrogance in ignoring the wishes of the people who have to deal with his decisions is sickening. I cannot bring myself to respect this stupid twit. I can't even bring myself to be polite enough to avoid insulting him.

This man is delusional. He is an ignorant imbecile who isn't fit to run a supermarket, let alone the most powerful country in the world. But let's look on the bright side - at least I have a convenient target of mockery for the next four years.

Sometimes I get tired of Bush, but after reading those quotes, I simply had to vent.
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