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Compromise. Not a dirty word.

Earlier on this evening, I was watching various U2 tapes in my collection, and this quote in particular struck me;

"Compromise, not a dirty word. Compromise." - Bono, during a performance of Sunday Bloody Sunday at Slane Castle, 2001

I think Bono is dead right there. I was surfing some websites earlier today that I can only describe as radical (I may go as far to say offensive to my faith), such as, and these are the kind of people who need to hear that quote. I hate these radical fundamentalist Christians (note here that I myself am a fundamentalist) who simply refuse to compromise. They so fervently believe in not compromising that they won't listen to other sides of debates and just go ahead and pass judgement and insult others, even when they haven't taken the time to understand what these others believe. For example, so many Protestants hate Catholicism, yet Catholicism doesn't teach what they think it teaches! I must thank Athanasius for opening my eyes to true Catholicism and showing me Catholics are really Christians. But so many Protestants simply will not listen, and they ignore answers when they are given, and keep on going on their crusades fuelled by hate and ignorance. They won't listen to other sides of debates and end up ignoring the facts (at least partly) because they hate compromise and think it is evil.

OK, sure, we should never compromise our faith. But I'm not talking about some kind of "Well I know taking God's Name in vain is sinful but I'm going to do it anyway" attitude, I'm talking about "I was told Catholicism is evil so I'm going to just believe it is and damn the facts!" attitude. I'm also sick of some of the radicals on places like LBMB Left Us Behind, who believe only Christians (a Christian not being a believer in Christ but someone who believes exactly as they do and hasn't been sucked into tremendous heresies like Catholicism or amillennialism) should be allowed to post and when the administration allows HEATHENS like atheists, new agers, Catholics, and amillennialists to post, they are suddenly evil and are going to be held accountable on Judgment Day for letting HEATHENS have freedom of speech. It's driving me insane. These people have the right to say what they think, debate theology and belief systems, engage in thoughtful discussion, and relax with fellow people. For all these radical morons know, these HEATHENS may come to know Christ, or, if they already know Christ (i.e. HEATHENS like Catholics and amillennialists), they may just learn more about faith and God. Or here's a thought that the radicals would hate: the radicals themselves might learn a bit and come to know the facts (i.e. that Catholicism is just another branch of Christianity). These people who think HEATHENS should not be allowed to post are closed-minded fools.

Maybe I've gone off on a tangent, but I think it does relate back to compromise. These people are so afraid that somehow, by listening to a Catholic or an amillennialist or putting on secular music or whatever, their faith will be compromised and they'll be corrupted. They continue to build up walls of hatred, ignorance, and arrogance through, amongst other things, their sheer hatred of compromise. What I hate is they won't even allow the compromise of letting other people have their own beliefs. They are so vehemently against compromise they can't even possibly allow others to voice opinions contrary to their own. They won't even compromise and allow freedom of speech. They will just yell "Heresy! Heresy! HEEEEETHEEEEENNNNNN!!!!!!!" (though they are not fully aware of the facts), and it just shows their ignorance. If they listened to some of these 'HEATHENS' for a while, they may just learn something and grow as people. We need to knock down these walls of ignorance.


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