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The ZooTV stadium tour, a technological extravaganza of gigantic proportions.


It flashed at lightning-fast speed along with literally hundreds of other slogans onto the array of television screens onstage during performances of The Fly, as emplified in my icon. Today, I would like to single it out for special attention, as it recently connected in my mind with a quote from U2's Numb, "don't expect; suggest."

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to give you some advice, passed on from The Edge. It's very simple. Don't expect. Suggest. Too many people sit back and expect. They expect all kinds of things - answers, explanations, proofs, solutions, resolutions, et cetera. They wait for other people to deal with matters and remain silent on major issues or when a voice is required. You might be one of them, waiting for someone else to step forward and say either 1. what you think or 2. what sounds right because you simply do not have an opinion. And this is a fundamental flaw of society - we sit back and expect ideas to be proposed and actions to occur. We do not suggest. We do not formulate opinions, or if we do, we close our mouths out of fear of such things as rejection, inaccuracy, or argument. Sometimes, we do not even concern ourselves with important affairs and just expect everything to work out for the best. Well, I'm sorry, it doesn't work like that. This world exists in cold blood. Stop expecting it to get better and start suggesting ways for it to become better.

SILENCE = DEATH. In our expectation, opinions die. In our laziness and refusal to suggest, people die. Instead of putting our brains together and working for the common good, we write off issues as too difficult to solve, too big to comprehend, or too complicated to understand. Darfur, the Asian tsunami, international political disputes. People remain silent, refusing to stand their ground or even take ground in the first place, and it is one of the vicious diseases of our society. We are so caught up in our own miniature worlds that the outside world is so large and unfathomable that we ignore it with silence.

And that helps no-one. Not even you.

I'd like to encourage everyone reading this to stop expecting and to start suggesting. End your silence and make some positive noise for a change. Don't write off matters as too large or complex and don't blindly accept what the media or governments tell you. Investigate issues, sift through the facts, analyse what you find, formulate an opinion, and dare to speak it. Correct error and accept correction and do it in a spirit of love. Don't let other people think and say everything for you, because sooner or later, no-one will say anything and you'll be left in the realm of confusion. Don't run the risk. Independently reach your own conclusions and suggest courses of action. The world will be a better place if people aren't afraid to use their brains and then act upon constructive opinions.

Rebel against your own indifference. Suggest.
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