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Those horrible rumours.

I may have wrote that uncertainty can be a guiding light, but it's also a prick that likes to poke and prod your brain before messing with your head, punching you in the gut, and leaving you feeling like you were just dumped in a toilet.

At least one thing is certain: LiveJournal has been bought by Six Apart. I am not yet sure whether to be positive or negative about this. With the enhanced features we are likely to see, this will hopefully prove beneficial to the greater LJ community.

Something much more important to me has now become totally uncertain, though. Rolling Stone magazine is reporting that "a source close to the band" has said the tour will be postponed due to "a family illness" and additional rumours say that it will now begin on 28 March in Los Angeles with the rumoured March shows postponed until either later in the first leg (major markets such as Boston and New York) or the third leg of the tour in autumn (smaller markets like Atlanta, where I planned to see my first show with Kate).

Let's analyse this.

- The report comes from "a source close to the band." We've been fed all kinds of rubbish from such sources before. U2Log claim they have an official source, but we've had plenty of those give incorrect statements too.
- The report appears in Rolling Stone, who have made incorrect and errant statements about U2. That said, it is highly unlikely they would print this story unless they had something to base it on.
- Rolling Stone report that U2 wil be playing at the Grammy's. This is not true. Vertigo was only nominated for three awards, none of which are televised and all of which are probably going to be won by Green Day (which annoys me because I think they're a bunch of hacks, but this is likely to be their year). HTDAAB, by the way, is eligible for the 2006 [not 2005] Grammy's. There is no reason U2 would perform at this year's Grammy's, so if Rolling Stone make a basic mistake such as that, the article may not be trustworthy, or if that is what their source stated, then their source might not be accurate.
- The excuse is rubbish. During The Joshua Tree Tour, Bono dislocated his shoulder at the middle of a concert and not only played out the concert in full but continued with the tour. The band continued to play Lovetown despite Bono being sick, postponing only a few shows. Edge was undergoing a divorce during ZooTV. Adam had major personal problems at the end of the ZooTV tour but they played out the shows. Bono's father was on his deathbed for much of the Elevation Tour. U2 aren't a band who cancel or postpone large swathes of tours (if I remember correctly, on Lovetown, only four shows were postponed and U2 ultimately made up for that with seven shows). It is ridiculously unlikely that a family illness would cause U2 to postpone an entire MONTH of one of their most eagerly anticipated tours.
- You can't predict how long a recovery from illness would take. If this illness means they can't play on 1 March, then there's no law that says they will be able to play on 28 March. If, indeed, the real excuse is something health-related, it would be surgery. An illness is completely implausible.

Nonetheless, we have a lot of sources that seem to ultimately say there will be a delay for a reason that is not yet apparent. I would like to believe that what I listed above means that the rumour is untrue and the tour will go ahead as planned, but everything I read leads me to believe that it will be postponed.

This does create major qualms and concerns for my trip in March, but I would like to state that I will still come. Maybe on different dates or for less time, but I assure you that I will be in the USA at some point in March. Hopefully, I will be able to attend a couple of U2 concerts during that time. If not - and I won't get into the technicalities of how this is possible because I don't want to discuss my personal finances on a public entry - I will attempt to return to the US in autumn to attend shows.

The problem comes in that it may be hard for me to attend shows now as I wish to attend my first and probably subsequent shows with Kate. I don't want this to seem insulting to any other friends, but when I attend my first concert, I need to go with someone who I know and wholly trust, and people who I would otherwise consider are ruled out for various reasons. You see, with my vision, I need to attend with someone who I am willing to allow to act as my eyes, and someone who makes me feel enough at ease that the sociophobic side of me will not make its presence known. With the tour as it was originally all-but-confirmed, plans worked out smoothly and I was going to be alright. Now ... I don't know what shows I will be able to attend, if any at all.

And if I am unable to attend any until autumn, I may not be able to return around Christmas and early January as I planned, and it could also jeopardise how many Australian concerts I can see. All my plans have just been shot to pieces. With my luck, you'd think I'd learn to stop having expectations, but I continue to stupidly get my hopes up, only to have them dashed.

I don't feel so great right now. I think I might indulge in some reading.
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