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Phone Post:

959K 4:59
“[See below for a transcription. It's too long, apparently! Maybe this is a hint to me to stop waffling pointlessly ...?]”

Transcribed by: axver

Yes, it cut out on me. I should have ran my stopwatch. Photos shall be coming shortly.

--- 6:32pm ---

The mess on my pool table!
[Imagine mess photo here. I happened to have clothes lying all over one end of the pool table and I didn't feel like uploading a photo that featured my underwear.]

The fridge, mini-oven thing, random Brisbane Lions memorabilia, and other stuff that happens to be in my room and is used by me, even though I own none of it.

The pile of stuff on my desk. The HMTMKMKM single is somewhere under there.

See the little reindeer by the edge of the desk with snapped antlers? Here is a photo of him in happier days! Earlier today, he quite unexpectedly took a tumble. Thankfully, I can easily use some glue to fix the damage.

Approximately half of my bootleg collection. From left to right, the piles are U2 DVDs, U2 CDs, other band CDs.

Let's show off with awards! Note the random peg.

My U2 CDs!

One large shoebox containing about two-thirds of my trains.

Here's a random photo I took a few nights ago with my locomotive and station that sit up on my chest of drawers with my printer/scanner. The miniature cricket bat is signed by former New Zealand cricketer Roger Twose.

That's all for now.

--- 7:01pm ---

The transcription of the phonepost!

Well, I've finally decided to make another phonepost after quite a long absence, though considering my grasp on time, the release of Vertigo seems to be only a few days ago. So, anyway. I would like to say one thing first, just to prove a point to someone. It is true that 'hurrah' rhymes with 'are'. 'Hurrah' rhymes with 'are', 'are' rhymes with 'hurrah'. Do you get the point? Good, I hope you do! And if you still disagree with me, well, that's just too bad for everyone, isn't it? Oh well. I bet you all disagree with me actually. That's just too bad. For now, I think I will completely change topics and tell you all that this year, Kate and I are going to be co-dictators of the world. Yes. Please send us all the money you have so that we may achieve this grand endeavour that will bring peace and safety to all of humanity. Apart from those people who disagree with me, but we won't really discuss what will happen with them, will we?

Anyway. I have absolutely nothing to talk about. Even if I was sitting down and writing an entry, I would probably have absolutely nothing to talk about, so I think I will go on a tour of my room. Which you can't see. So you kind of lose there, don't you? However, I have a digital camera. It's a little bit dull in here right now so I don't know just how well things will work out, but hopefully the photos will be alright.

So we come in at my door. Nothing much here; a random globe in the corner with a dent in it. Oh, the fascinating things in my room. Then we have the gigantic and huge mess that is my pool table. Better clean this up before tomorrow, seeing that Holly will be coming around. Oh well, too bad, everyone sees my mess anyway, maybe I'll just make it look slightly more organised. Oh well. There's a lovely photo of it that hopefully all of you will get to see of the disaster [hahaha, you DON'T]. Then we come over to the fridge and the microwave [microwave? No it's not! What was I saying?] and I am nearly almost self-sufficient in my room. It's a shame I don't have a bathroom. Otherwise, then I would never have to leave it and never have to contact humanity ever again, which probably isn't as great as it sounds. So, there's a photo of it.

And ... then we come to my wardrobe, which is really quite boring, so we won't go there, we'll move on to the lovely row of awards. Yes, I'm such an egotistical prat, aren't I? So behind there, we have a couple of U2 singles and a Zoo dollar and a calendar signed by Bono, which is all tremendously exciting, but I have just noticed one of the singles has vanished. Which would actually be lying on the mess that is my desk. Yes, I have another mess. Are you surprised? No, you're probably not surprised in the slightest. So let's take a lovely picture of that mess.

This has to be the most boring phonepost I've ever made. Oh well, too bad. Oooh, my bootleg collection! To most of you, it probably seems quite impressive; to me, it seems quite small. Ah, let's see ... you know, I probably should have thought of something more worthwhile to discuss, but alas, 'twas not so. And I have totally lost the other single, but it's ... a U2 one of course. HMTMKMKM, limited red vinyl, makes me feel all good inside.

But back to the awards. I think I will show off with a photo of them. [strange noise], that was a random noise. My U2 collection! With random CDs by other bands sitting behind it. And under it is a drawer full of stamps. Yes, I do collect them, not very seriously, but hey, I've got a quite large collection of them nonetheless. And one photo left, whatever shall I take it of? Doo-dee-doo, we have my printer and scanner and all-in-one thingamajig. Stereo - only one speaker works! And some model train stuff, and over here we have more model trains. In fact, that is what I will waste the last photo on! Let's see here. Hopefully I am not running out of time on this phonepost. Maybe I should think of something worthwhile to say. Picture of the trains. That's the end of my camera. I really need a new memory card; I wonder when Mum is going to hurry up and get one with decent space, hopefully in the next few days. So, hopefully you have all enjoyed thi- [I suddenly run out of time!]

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