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My pathetic Internet and other stuff

Two days ago, it took me 31 attempts to get online. Last night, 41. Today, FIFTY-TWO! I am not impressed. I just thought my Internet was starting to work well, but now it's just being stupid and pathetic. GRR. Why must technology be so evil at times? I wish I had a better connection, I really do.

But some good news: as of next month, I'll have a better download limit. It's still a download limit, but it won't be nearly as restrictive. I do believe there are actually some plans out there with some ISPs that have no time or download limits, but the problem is that they are companies I have never heard of, and too often they don't last long and quickly go bust, so I'll stick with the ISP I have: they're a respectable company that isn't about to cave in any time soon! I'm just looking forward to broadband in November. If that happens, of course.

I'm not sure if I want Mum to move in with her boyfriend or not. I see positives and negatives. I get heaps of cool stuff, Mum will be happy, it's good for our financial situation, et cetera. But it won't just be me and Mum any more, I don't know how I'll get on with her boyfriend's sons (although apparently they're rarely home), and Mum and Alan won't be married, so their lifestyle does conflict with my beliefs. But I guess the move would be for the best. I don't suppose I have much of a say, really; whatever happens, happens. Maybe I should pray about it.

Speaking of prayer, I've been haivng some troubles with faith lately and I'm not really sure what to do. I talked to Ally earlier this afternoon and she said some stuff that really helped, but I still have been having problems, like sometimes when I'm praying I feel like I'm just talking to myself, or I'm not sure if I've been forgiven for something or am truly repentant (I'll sometimes get this thought of "Do I really mean that or am I just saying it?"). So I'm confused and not sure where to turn. Sure, some people may say "turn to God", but what bloody good is that if I can't hear Him replying? Maybe He has, but I haven't noticed it. I guess I'm like Thomas the disciple: I'm tempted to yell at God and tell Him to get off His cloud, walk into my room, and give me some answers verbally for a change.

Right, my Internet is about to time me out, I think, and I have a couple of things I want to do so I'm going.

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