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The return of the novel entry.

This questionnaire has been doing the rounds, so I thought I'd give all of you a shot ... just how well do you know my U2 fanaticism? Answer as many or as few as you can.

1. What's my favourite U2 album?
2. What's my least favourite U2 album?
3. What are my favourite U2 songs?
4. What are my least favourite U2 songs?
5. Who is my favourite member of U2, and do I find them attractive? [Or the modified Axver version: Who is my favourite member of U2, and do I find them intelligent?]
6. Who is my least favourite member of U2?
7. What's my favourite U2 era?
8. What's my least favourite U2 era?
9. How long have I been a U2 fan?
10. How many times have I seen U2 live; when and where?
11. Do I collect U2 bootlegs?
12. What U2 fan forums do I frequent?
13. Do I mostly listen to U2 or am I equally into other artists?
14. Have I met anyone in U2?
15. What am I like on U2 trivia?

Axver Tries To Journal Online
By André Withoutalastname

Nothing much happened in Axver's life. By his standards, visiting the shops was a major event. His friends offline seemed to have forgotten about him after graduating high school and were pursuing lives elsewhere, but this didn't bother Axver much as he had drifted away from them. At least online, he could conduct serious and intelligent conversations via IM programmes and LiveJournal, whereas at school, no-one seemed to care for his topics of conversation. This meant that Axver's life had become one revolving around Internet pursuits, reading, writing, and occasionally contemplating seeking employment. It was a life he expected would be considered socially unacceptable by the masses, but he didn't care. He enjoyed it.

There was only one problem.

He liked to keep his LiveJournal regularly updated, but in the absence of any major activity to report upon, he was left to find other topics, and finally he had come upon a total drought. He stared blankly at the update screen, pondering what to write. He wanted to write something - he loved to write, and once he had a place to begin, he could waffle for paragraphs upon paragraphs. However, no topics presented themselves in his mind. World events were occurring, but there was only so much he could say before it became boring, and he wasn't maintaining There was only so much social commentary he could write without sounding preachy or repetitive, and he didn't feel particularly bothered by anything at the present moment. Theological or philosophical writings sounded like nice ideas, but he was at a low ebb in religion and felt extremely rusty on such topics. So rusty, in fact, that he couldn't even think of any topics out of which he could easily compose an entry, a situation starkly different to that of previous months. He could always waffle about U2 or trains, but nothing sensational had recently happened in either fandom. Indeed, it had been a very long time since anything truly sensational had happened in the railed world.

So he continued to stare at the blank update screen.

He went and showered. Made dinner. Was visited by relatives dropping off items. Watched the news. Was horrified by the footage of the Asian earthquake/tsunami disaster. Couldn't believe the audacity of Viktor Yanukovich in his protestation of the outcome of the re-run Ukrainian elections. Returned to the computer and stared blankly at the update screen again. Had even less ideas than before.

Axver's life had reached new depths of dull. He was impressed.
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