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Let's change attitudes towards Christmas.

I have noticed a worrying trend: not only do I dread Christmas, but I continue to encounter others who feel a similar way. It's turning into a poor commercialised joke of materialism and I, quite frankly, don't want to be a part of it. My mother keeps sarcastically telling me to become a Jehovah's Witness so that I have a real reason not to be involved in Christmas. I, however, have a much better solution. It is sad that I won't be able to carry it out this year, but ... such is the problem with theories.

I propose that one only sees the family and friends one wants to see. If one does not wish to attend a stupid, overly large family gathering laden with boredom and uncomfortable situations, one should do the sensible thing and not attend. If one does not want to speak to a particular relative because they have a habit of making jokes in poor taste, one should ignore this relative and speak to those with whom one wishes to converse. It's not hard! Christmas is meant to be a time of joy and celebration, not Family Gathering Hell.

In addition, I propose that one only purchase presents one wishes to purchase. If one does not know what to buy someone, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING. If one really wants to give the other person a gift, give that person some money to buy something they will actually APPRECIATE rather than a lame gift they would probably prefer to return to the shops. And if one does not wish to give someone a gift, DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING. There is NO OBLIGATION TO GIVE GIFTS. In fact, the real worth and value of a gift is the fact one did not have to give it. Christmas, however, has totally bastardised the concept of gift-giving and turned it into a burdensome obligation over which millions fret. That totally defeats the purpose of giving gifts in the first place. Either give a gift because one genuinely wishes to give a gift or don't give anything at all.

As my radical point, there should be nothing relating to the Christmas season before 13 December or after 6 January. The way society's going, we'll soon have year-round Christmas. Why don't we just make the 25th of each month a special day on which we give pointless gifts to people we don't like? Yeah, there's a fun idea! Good grief, I won't be surprised if it happens.

Something needs to be done. Christmas should be a time of joy and celebration, even without the religious connotations that I believe are rather important. It shouldn't be a time of commercialism or materialism. It shouldn't be a time of fearing obligation and giving insincere presents. It shouldn't be a time when one is forced to social functions one does not wish to attend. I want to feel the joy and excitement of Christmas that I felt as a young child. I feel joy in other facets of my life, but when it comes to Christmas, I feel obligation and cynicism. It's not right. Why is this no longer the most delightful time of year?
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