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Brace yourselves, we have high school exit marks incoming ...

Today is the big day right across Queensland, as thousands of year twelve students receive their OP, a number between 1 and 25, the rather important number based on your results in individual subjects and the Queensland Core Skills test. 1 is the best, 25 is the worst, and it essentially reports on your high school academic success within the system and is used for admittance to tertiary education.

So which U2 pun is it for me? Is it "I can't believe the news today/I can't close my eyes and make it go away" (Sunday Bloody Sunday) or "I believe in a celebration" (A Celebration)?

As those of you familiar with my attitudes towards school and its absurdly conformist system know, I bucked every procedure in the book, did things my own way, and still cleaned up on Awards Night. I didn't think I'd do it again, though. I knew that if I had conformed to the system, I could have gotten a one, but as I hadn't, as I had realised marks were unimportant and conforming to the system was mechanical and unfulfilling, I thought I'd be left with something like a four or a five - enough to get into what I want but nothing particularly special. When the mail arrived today, I was truly expecting to open it and see a five staring back at me.

So what did I get? I opened the envelope, pulled out the papers, flicked to the right one, and my mother saw it before I did. She exclaimed "Holy shit!" and I looked up at the correct part of the paper.


Yeah, I can't believe it either. I'm the man who didn't really try, didn't really study a lot, didn't care, definitely didn't do homework, and didn't give a damn what the system told him to do because it's so fundamentally flawed that it doesn't really teach students much of merit.


Talk about excited and joyful! What an incredible result! I still can't believe my eyes. Furthermore, I got an A on the Queensland Core Skills test, and did wonderfully on the Field Positions too. They're used as further scaling for tertiary entrance and depending upon your subjects, you can quality for up to all five of the FPs, named A-E. There's one for basic English skills, one for advanced mathematical processes, and such. I qualified for four. You get 1-10, 1 being the best. C = 4. A, B, E = 1.

So let's look at that again. I need to because I still cannot believe it!
OP = 2
FP A = 1
FP B = 1
FP C = 4
FP E = 1

How the zarking fardwarks did that happen?! If I may be arrogant for a second (I think I've earnt the right to be), the system does not foster natural intelligence but I sure as Popmart was a spectacle just used natural intelligence to beat it by twisting it to my own benefit while still doing my own thing. I can now get into any university course I like and enter whatever path of academia I desire for a career!

This is brilliant! I'm so delighted! Woohoo!

In other incredibly fantastic news, I received a ridiculously long letter from Kate today and have some wonderful new U2 bootlegs. What a fantastic and wonderful day! I BELIEVE IN A CELEBRATION!

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